Craig has always made service a priority in his life

For Craig Huish, serving others is essential for living a happy and successful life.

Craig, who received his Master’s in Educational Leadership from the McKay School of Education in 1989, was presented with the 2011 Lamp of Knowledge Award for Outstanding United States Educator by the The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) during the American Hotel & Lodging Association Summer Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The foundation for every individual or company success in our industry begins with great teachers, educators, and mentors,” Robert L. Steele III, Certified Hotel Administrator, President and COO of AHLEI, said in a press release. “That is why we take the opportunity to recognize and honor outstanding educators.”

Craig is certainly an outstanding educator contributing to the success of the hotel and lodging industry. He teaches courses in hotel operations, marketing and hospitality services, hospitality law, food and beverage management, and more at Utah Valley University (UVU), and has done so for the past six years. He holds the position of Hospitality Management Program Coordinator. In addition, he is the academic advisor for the Eta Sigma Delta and National Minorities in Hospitality clubs at UVU. Before teaching at UVU he had served over 40 years in the hospitability field. He worked everywhere from hotels to restaurants to BYU food services management. “I was blown away when I found out I received the award,” Huish said. “It was a very emotional time for me . . . it was nice to be recognized.”

In addition to significant contributions through his work life, Craig has always made service a priority, sometimes spending as much time in community service as at his job. He has lived in many states including Utah, Hawaii, and Nevada. had many opportunities to serve in different capacities, such as an EMT, civil defense director, and Sterling Scholarship and DECA competition judge. He has also served on several education volunteer boards as president and in different offices. “My dad taught me to volunteer and to not shirk at the opportunity to serve,” Craig said.

Craig grew up on the border of Arizona and New Mexico in an environment that was very service oriented, especially within his own family. He has memories of his mother’s home canned food, along with toys, clothes, and tools gathered by his brothers, being given to those who were less fortunate. The community would come together to work on various projects, which included working sugarcane fields, assisting with beehives, or helping at a neighbor’s home. He has taken this attitude of service into his own life.

“You’ve got to love people, and I love my students just as much as I loved my guests,” Craig said. “You’ve got to put your feet in their moccasins. Walk with them and be understanding and compassionate and service oriented.”

Craig is married to Elaine Huish, who has worked as a textbook buyer at the BYU Bookstore for about 30 years. They have two daughters, Trudianne and Lani.

August 2, 2012