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After switching majors, Bohman found teaching was a "natural fit"

Emily Bohman grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, hoping that she would one day attend BYU. She planned to be a nurse. But after almost completing her degree in nursing, as she was participating in a hospital practicum, she realized that nursing was not the right profession for her. “I was always terrified I was going to do something wrong; I just wasn’t comfortable. I finally decided to switch my major to elementary education. It was the best choice I ever made.” Elementary education turned out to be a perfect fit for Bohman. She recalls, “I was shocked at how instantly I fell into my role as a teacher. It was very natural for me, and I have never been so happy doing anything else.”

Bohman graduated from the elementary education program in 2005 and immediately began teaching fifth grade. Reflecting on why she loves teaching, Bohman said, “Every day is a challenge. Every child is different and has special needs. It is thrilling to watch a child learn, grow, and succeed in ways that only I can help.” She found that the education program at BYU, which emphasizes ethics and values in the classroom, helped prepare her to teach out of state. Bohman recalls, “It was a very hard transition working in a school that was union driven, where the focus was on the well-being of teachers rather than the students. The skills I learned in ethics and adaptation from BYU gave me a strong foundation.”

In teaching, Bohman found that every day was a learning experience. In her formal education, she thought that teaching would be all about planning. She has since learned that having a plan is important, but being able to go with the flow and find quiet teaching moments is an even more important skill.

After three years in the classroom, Bohman had her first child, a daughter named Sophie. In all phases of her life, Bohman seems to come back to teaching. She is currently teaching music lessons and tutoring ESL students from her home. She has found joy in balancing her dual roles as mother and teacher.

Aside from teaching, Bohman enjoys several hobbies. In her spare time, she and her daughter enjoy making and catering cupcakes around the area. Bohman also makes reading a priority. She enjoys hiking around the Pacific Northwest and discovering new favorite restaurants in Seattle!

One of her plans for the future is to return to school and pursue a master’s degree in anthropology so she can study schooling in social and cultural contexts. She hopes to one day travel with her husband around the world, visiting remote and rural schools and helping however they can.

April 2, 2010