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The Labor and Delivery of Education

As a mother of five children, Heather Garner, class of 2005, makes time to teach in her home and in her community in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Presently Garner is a part–time birth teacher. She graduated ten years ago from the McKay School with a bachelor’s degree in special education. When asked to describe one of her most meaningful teaching opportunities, she expressed her passion for her current work.

“For the past three years I've taught a basic birth class at a crisis pregnancy center,” Garner said. “It has been a meaningful experience to help educate new parents who come from a variety of backgrounds. A large portion of students in the class face lots of challenges, and I really enjoy helping to empower them as they prepare to become parents.”

Garner has had teaching experiences in various parts of the country. She is accustomed to traveling, having lived in many states because of her family’s military background. She has worked as a special education elementary teacher in Provo School District, as well as an after-school math teacher and a preschool teacher at the Lincoln, Nebraska YMCA. She is currently a certified childbirth educator at Lincoln Pregnancy Center.

When asked about the impact her education has had on her teaching experiences, she explained, “My education gave me a great foundation for the wide range of teaching activities I've been a part of since graduation. Learning important basics about setting up a curriculum, structuring a lesson, and showing positive reinforcement has helped me teach kids and adults.”

Garner’s education at the McKay School of Education has led to many opportunities to teach and serve. Her passion for teaching comes as she sees the empowering effects of education. “Whether I've taught a preschooler basic alphabet skills or a teen mom some tools to cope with labor and delivery, I've seen education give individuals strategies to succeed and have [gained] the confidence to keep learning,” Garner said.