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Along with teaching foreign languages, Storm teaches students to dream big and to be accountable to those dreams

John C. Storm graduated from BYU in August 2002 with a MA in Spanish pedagogy. Three years later, he graduated with a PhD in foreign language education at Purdue University. Since his graduation, Storm has worked as an assistant professor of Spanish and foreign language education at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). Storm teaches the methods and technology courses for all UNI students majoring or minoring in language teaching. Storm also directs the Elementary Spanish I and II courses.

Storm also participates in the local regional foreign language teachers’ conference, The Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. “I take eight pre-service teachers down to the Conference,” he explained. “It’s an effort to get them started on the right path of life-long learning and professional development.”

Other efforts Storm took included inviting the University of Iowa and Iowa State University to collaborate with UNI as part of its Foreign Language Teacher Mentoring Program. In the program, teachers from all over the state go to the university campuses to participate in workshops where participants and speakers share research results and possible classroom practices. Storm hopes to continue developing this program in future years.

Storm encourages students to get involved as soon as possible in collecting, learning, and appropriating the best practices from the many resources available to college students. He advises future teachers to keep an “ideas journal” while attending classes at BYU. “When you have thoughts and moments of inspiration through your classes, writing them down will capture them,” he said. “They will increase as the Lord’s confidence in you increases because you are acting on the inspiration He gives you.”

John and his wife, Michon J. Woolley Storm, are the parents of three daughters and one son.

March 5, 2008