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From teacher to recipient of 2005 Utah County Master Realtor Award

Before he received a Utah County Master Realtor Award in 2005 and one of five Utah County “Excellence in Real Estate” awards, Lynn Larson was a teacher at Timpanogos Elementary School.

“The old school building where I taught for 30 years has now been replaced with a new two-story building,” Larson said. “In the old building I taught sixth grade, fourth grade, third grade, and third/fourth grade combinations.”

Larson began his teaching career as an undergraduate in the McKay School of Education. He received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a minor in science education in 1968. Almost two decades later, he returned to the McKay School to earn a master’s in public school administration in 1983.

During his 30 years of teaching, Larson took on extra assignments, such as elementary computer specialist at both the school and district levels, science specialist at the school level, and school science representative on the district science committee. He enjoyed a variety of summer jobs, including teaching outdoor education at summer camps for the Provo School District, helping build homes as a carpenter’s assistant, and collecting wild seeds from the mountains and selling them to the Utah Division of Wildlife.

After retiring from teaching, Larson turned to real estate. He has been working in real estate for over 14 years now at Century 21 Bushnell, located in Orem, Utah, and has received state and national attention for his success. He says that he finds satisfaction in helping buyers find just the right home that will bring them joy for years to come.

Larson says that the McKay School has influenced him to continue to make learning and studying a major part of his life. He has taken computer software classes at what is now Utah Valley University and is constantly taking more real estate classes to ensure he is informed as much as possible.

Among his many interests, Larson enjoys fishing, fly tying, the outdoors, Swedish genealogical research, and growing orchids.

Currently, Larson lives in Orem, Utah, with his wife, Linda. He is the father of four children, one deceased, and grandfather of four.

December 1, 2010