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Lind's experience at BYU helped her to “be a better person, teacher, wife and mother”

Rosemary Richards LindRosemary Richards Lind’s connection to BYU never wavered after receiving her BA in English teaching in August of 1974. Lind reflects, “My experience at BYU helped me to be a better person, teacher, wife and mother.”

Lind met her husband, Brent, while attending BYU. After graduation she taught English at Eisenhower Junior High for two years before her first child was born. Raising her family and being involved in her church activities have been her primary pursuits for the past three decades, while her husband works in the medical field.

Combining Lind’s love of teaching and passion for education, it is no surprise that of her eight children, four have already graduated from BYU and three are currently enrolled. Teaching has become a legacy of the Lind family: Lind describes BYU as “a terrific place for our children academically and spiritually. Two of our daughters have become junior high English teachers, and one of our sons teaches high school English.”

She reveals the values underlying her family’s success: “I think that everyone needs to learn to work, needs a good education, and will live a happy life if they also live the teachings of the Gospel wholeheartedly.”

August 29, 2008