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Internship turned into full-time job

The internship and thesis project required by the McKay School’s Leadership Preparation Program (LPP) contributed to one graduate’s new position ­­­­as assistant principal at Orem High.

Sari Christensen, a recent LPP graduate, began her employment as the new assistant principal of Orem High School on July 1. Christensen received this appointment after completing a full-time internship at the school. Her experience is an example of how the McKay School’s internship program directly benefits students’ careers.

“I’m really excited,” Christensen said. “I know I get along with the administration because Orem High School is such a great school. I’m already invested in the students and programs; I get to continue something I’ve already started.”

While interning at Orem High School, Christensen became acquainted with the routine and culture of the school, a major factor in any new position. She also developed relationships of trust and will begin her new position with these relationships already in place. “The unknown elements are not there,” she said. “People are really welcoming because a new assistant principal is a big change, but they already know me.”

Christensen has not always wanted to be an assistant principal. In fact, she completed her undergraduate degree in art education, after which she taught art at Pleasant Grove High School for over 10 years. She later became a content specialist, gaining valuable leadership experience that eventually led her to the LPP at Brigham Young University. “It was not even 'kind of' in the plan,” Christensen said. “Everyone does a double-take when I say I was an art teacher. It’s pretty unusual.”

Christensen loves to travel. She has been to many areas of the world, including the Caribbean, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Europe, and the Mediterranean. In her spare time, she competes in triathlons and participates in arts festivals.

“Being an intern at Orem High School really benefitted me. The administration knew I was a good fit because we had already worked together during a full-time internship.”