After volunteering with various programs, Gomez learned she was meant to teach

Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is worth living.” Star Gomez, recently distinguished as the Putnam School District Teacher of the Year, exemplified this quote in her time teaching as well as her time at the McKay School of Education.

She graduated from BYU in 2002. Gomez has always possessed a passion for learning. “In school, my sponge of a brain absorbed all that it was offered,” she said. “At BYU, I was able to pursue my passions and interests. I saw that I am a person with a deep desire to help others.” She used that knowledge and got involved with many opportunities such as the Big Brother/Big Sister program, volunteering as a team host at the Special Olympics, and tutoring at the third grade level. Through her tutoring experience she realized she was meant to be a teacher.

“It was a perfect fit,” she said. “Though it would not be easy, it was the path I would take. And here I am.” Gomez considers the greatest accomplishment in teaching to be her students. “They are the reason I am here,” she said. "I approach each day as another day to learn new and better ways to help them grow and for me to improve upon myself.”

What stood out to Gomez the most from her BYU education wasn’t the coursework, but rather the relationships that were formed during that time. She learned to treat students as real people to be cared about and helped along the road of life. “It is my daily goal to help my students feel valued and cared for,” she said. “I believe in my students and as I do so it enables them to believe in themselves.”

“I feel as though few individuals get the opportunity to combine their passions with their professions to the degree that I do,” said Gomez. “Through teaching, I am trying to do my part to improve the lives of others and leave the world better than I found it.”

July 2, 2008