Established in 1996, the Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling is the operational unit for the BYU-Public School Partnership, facilitating its goals and objectives. Located in the David O. McKay School of Education, CITES serves the needs of the three partnership entities and improves teacher education and schooling through three divisions: Professional Development, Education Support, and Education Research.

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Gifted and Talented

The Gifted and Talented Endorsement prepares candidates for teaching and leadership positions in the education of gifted, talented, and creative youth.


Utah Reading

The Utah Reading Endorsement offers practicing teachers in both elementary and secondary education the opportunity to certify as reading specialists and gain additional skills and knowledge for augmenting classroom reading instruction.


Math Endorsement

The Elementary Math Endorsement provides practicing teachers with a deeper understanding of our number system and how its structure relates to computation, arithmetic, algebra, and problem solving. Also addressed are the various types of assessment used for guiding instruction, interventions, and evaluation of student learning of mathematic content.


STEM Endorsement

The STEM Endorsement is intended to increase K-6 teacher’s knowledge of science and applied mathematics, and strengthen their confidence and capacity to facilitate meaningful classroom learning experiences that integrate science, math, technology, and engineering.


Arts Integration

The Arts Integration Endorsement will help teachers improve their skills in 6 art forms as well as learn pedagogy to teach and integrate the arts across the curriculum.