Student Spotlights

McKay School Student Joins Fellowship Community

Marcie Calder, school psychology student, received the Services for Transition Age Youth Fellowship

Marcie Calder was selected for support under the Minority Fellowship Program Services for Transition Age Youth (STAY) fellowship. Along with a generous stipend…

For Beginners: How to Run an Evacuation Center in a High School

Current education doctorate student Karen Strong volunteered for a day at an evacuation center only to have it turn into a two-week stay.

Wildfires spread in northern California this past October, which forced schools to shut down and turn into evacuation centers. Karen Strong found herself…

Teaching with the Arts

EdLF master’s student Karie Cooper is helping transform classroom learning with art

As part of the EdLF LPP program, Karie Cooper has been interning at Greenwood Elementary School where she writes and prepares K-6 lessons, which blend math,…

An Academic Journey

Patrick Fossat has attended several universities and gained valuable insight from his experiences.

The move from southern Utah to Utah Valley was meant to be temporary, but 12 years later, Patrick Fossat still hasn’t left.

Faculty Spotlights

Impact on the Future

Joe Jensen’s hard work in education has helped him be a positive influence in many students’ lives.

When Joe Jensen was growing up, he had dreams of becoming a mountain man like Jim Bridger. While Jensen might not have transformed the land like Jim Bridger…

Alumni Spotlights

Learning from the Past to Build the Future—Lisa Peterson (’15)

Lisa Peterson uses her experiences at BYU to be a better teacher to her third-grade class

During Lisa Peterson’s time at BYU, she took advantage of many volunteer opportunities. These extracurricular activities gave her an advantage post-graduation…

A Lasting Influence—Nettie Francis ('97)

Nettie Francis reminds educators that ordinary people make a lasting influence in the world.

Nettie Francis graduated from BYU in 1997. Since then, this mother of 10 has taught preschool, cowritten a textbook, and founded the Wyoming Women's…

A Community-Minded Career—Jade Balden ('04)

For Jade Balden, teaching is more than an occupation; it’s a way to contribute to the community.

After graduating from BYU, Jade Balden taught in Australia, where she witnessed changes in progress-learning. She got involved with the essential oil business…

Impacting Individuals—TJ Bliss ('06, '13)

Improving individual lives has been TJ Bliss’s end goal for every position he’s held in the field of education

TJ Bliss wants to make his mark on education at an individual level. He has made an impact through the various positions he’s held in the field of education.…