Educational Doctoral Tuition Stipends

Qualifications for an Education Doctoral Scholarship

Tuition scholarships are awarded to qualified students who have completed a relevant master's degree before entering the Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation PhD program.

Application for Tuition Scholarship

If applying to the Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation PhD program, please select the box on the application form indicating whether you intend to seek financial assistance.

Teaching Majors & Minors

The McKay School of Education offers the following teaching majors: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Physical Education Teaching/Coaching (K–12), and Special Education. The following teaching minors are offered: PE Teaching/Coaching and TESOL K–12.

School Leadership Program Vision, Mission & Aims

The School Leadership Program embraces the mission and aims of Brigham Young University and develops competent educational leaders of faith, intellect, and character who have a vision and a compelling sense of purpose for the continuous improvement of schools and enhancement of learning for all.

In the graduate program students will acquire the knowledge and skills to facilitate, motivate, and lead high levels of learning for all students and teachers. 

Vision & Mission

Program Vision

Our vision is to improve life conditions and opportunities for individuals, families, and communities worldwide.

Program Mission

Our mission is to improve the equity and quality of teaching and learning environments throughout the world. We accomplish this mission through the integration of research, teaching, and service to strengthen educational opportunities for all people worldwide. This integrated mission is threefold: