STEM Endorsement


The elementary STEM endorsement is available to K–6 teachers who want to increase their content knowledge in science, math and engineering and gain skill and practice in integrating science, math, engineering and technology content and pedagogy. The goal is to help Utah elementary students become more proficient in their understanding and application of science, math and engineering concepts.

State Reading Endorsement


The Utah Reading Endorsement Program offers teacher candidates and practicing teachers in both elementary and secondary education the opportunity to certify as reading specialists. The purpose of this program is to strengthen reading achievement of Utah's school children by providing their teachers with additional skills and knowledge for augmenting classroom reading instruction.

Basic Reading Endorsement

Student Policies

Policy on Bringing Babies to Class

The Department of Teacher Education encourages and supports mothers and fathers in the pursuit of their professional preparation as teachers. We recognize the challenge to provide appropriate care for children while parents attend classes.

Instructional Coaching Academy

Instructional Coaching Academy

The yearlong Instructional Coaching Academy (ICA) was designed to develop educators’ coaching and instructional skills. Educators from each of the BYU––Public School Partnership districts along with university personnel receive training using the work of Jim Knight of the University of Kansas, one of the leading researchers and proponents of instructional coaching in the country.

Associates Program


The Associates Program is a series of five two-day retreats during which public school and university educators engage in conversations related to the important work of preparing educators to help all students learn and the conduct of our public schools improve so that all students can experience engaged learning.

Anatomy Academy

Founded by Dr. Jonathan Wisco, associate professor at BYU, Anatomy Academy is a five-to seven-week educational outreach program during the summer and fall. University student mentors volunteer to teach fifth and sixth grade classrooms in seven elementary schools in the BYU–Public School Partnership. Topics covered in the program include human anatomy, nutrition, and physiology through interactive and hands-on lessons.

Gifted & Talented Program Courses & Practica


Sixteen semester hours of specific coursework are required for a gifted/talented endorsement. The following courses, developed to meet this requirement, are included in the endorsement program offered through the BYU––Public School Partnership. Although courses taken through this program are under the direction of the Partnership Gifted and Talented Committee, registration for all courses must be completed through the BYU Division of Continuing Education using 515R numbers.