Specific Tasks for the TSA

Mac Screenshots

  • Entire screen: Command + Shift + 3 
  • Select part: Command + Shift + 4 + Make selection (Remember, you will need to take a screenshot of the entire screen for the assessment.)

Windows Screenshots

  • Select entire window OR part
    • This can be done through Microsoft Word with the screenshot button. Go to this website and scroll down a little bit for further help.
    • If using Windows 7, use the "snipping tool." Search for it under the start menu. This allows you to select any portion of the screen. (Remember, you will need to take a screenshot of the entire screen for the assessment.)

Picture Edits

There are many different editing programs available. Some common ones are Photoshop iPiccy , and Photos . You are welcome to use other photo editing programs as well.


There are many different screencast websites available. You can use Screencast-O-Matic 

Google Hangouts

Go here to start a hangout. For additional help click here .

Audio Conversion

You can use free software such as iTunes or Audacity to convert audio file types. For iTunes help click here or use the iTunes help menu. For Audacity help click here or use the Audacity help menu.

Video Conversion

You can use free software such as  MPEG Streamclip  or Handbrake to convert video file types. For Handbrake help, click here or use the Handbrake help menu.


For dropbox help, click here.

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