In the Word Processing portion of the TSA, you will be required to use Microsoft Word to produce a document similar to the example shown on this page.  You may be required to:

  • Change the page to landscape orientation
  • Format text in two columns
  • Create a table
  • Create a bulleted list
  • Change the font and font color
  • Insert an image
  • Insert shapes
  • Add text to shapes
  • Insert a hyperlink that connects to a website
  • Upload Word document to Google Drive
  • Convert Word document to Google Doc

If you get stuck, you can

There is so much information available online today.  When searching, remember that you may need to include the version (which year) of Word you will be using along with specific keywords.  Here are some examples to get you started.

Example 1: Columns using Windows

  • Use a search engine like Google or go to YouTube and search “"Word 2013 Tutorial Columns”"

Example 2: Hyperlinks using Mac

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