TESOL K-12 Minor

First Semester

Introduction to English Language (3 credits)
Foundations of Multicultural Education (2 credits)

Second Semester

Understanding Second Language Acquisition (2 credits)
Assessing Linguistically Diverse Students (2 credits)

Third Semester

Developing Second Language Literacy (2 credits)
Integrating Content and Language Instruction (2 credits)

Fourth Semester

Family, School and Community Partnership (2 credit hours)

Student Teaching

TELL Student Teaching (4 credits)

Each course builds on previous courses so sequential order is necessary


Minor Description

As the number of public school students who are not native English speakers increases, the need for qualified teachers of English as a second language is increasing as well. To help meet these needs, BYU, in collaboration with its Public School Partnership, has developed an innovative program for teaching English language learners. This program prepares both teaching candidates and practicing teachers to work with linguistically and culturally diverse students in the regular classroom with pedagogic practices that are effective for all learners.


Declare a Teaching Major in Secondary Education

Meet with an advisor in the Education Advisement Center (350 MCKB)

Complete Two Courses

  1. ELANG 223 Introduction to English Language (3 credits)
  2. SEC ED 353 Foundations of Multicultural Education (2 credits)

How to Declare

Declare a TESOL K–12 Minor

  • Go to your major academic advisement center to add TESOL K-12 as a minor.
  • Visit the Education Advisement Center for more information and materials.

Careers in TESOL K-12