Course Overview

TELL 420 is the third of seven courses leading to an ESL endorsement. This course emphasizes assessment as it represents student learning. The general purpose of this course is to expand each educator's assessment literacy, specifically in relationship to second language learners.

Educators learn about implementing an assessment process and making assessments useful, meaningful, and equitable. They also develop expertise in using on-going classroom assessment which includes both alternative assessment techniques and traditional testing to positively impact instruction and student learning. Students will also consider issues in high-stakes testing for second language learners.

The course is designed with the following goals and objectives:

  • To build on teachers' knowledge of the sociocultural aspects of teaching and learning
  • To increase teachers' assessment literacy by focusing on the characteristics of useful (educative and practical), meaningful (relevant and accurate), and equitable (open and appropriate), as well as on specific ELL assessment strategies
  • To contrast measurement and standards-based paradigms of assessment
  • To present a large number of assessment strategies and accommodations
  • To guide teachers in understanding the relationship between learning and assessment
  • To explore the political nature of knowledge and assessment

Program Material List