Course Overview

TELL 430 is the fourth of seven courses leading to an ESL endorsement. This course focuses on the role of literacy development in content-area learning. Specifically, the course is designed to expand mainstream teachers' understanding of second language literacy development so they can support second language learners' literacy and content learning.

Teachers learn through a two-part framework. First, this course builds on previous learning by extending the second language acquisition concepts of communication , pattern , and variability from oral language development to literacy learning. Second, teachers are introduced to five ESL Guidelines for Curriculum Development that support their students' literacy and content mastery.

This methods course highlights the use of effective strategies grounded in sociocultural teaching practices, as represented by the Standards for Effective Pedagogy.

  • Focus on promoting academic language development and supporting students in developing literacy skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking
  • Guide teachers to reconsider the sociocultural context of literacy development
  • Deepen teachers' understanding of the concepts of communication , pattern , and variability in second language learners' development of literacy skills
  • Present numerous strategies for reading, writing, and vocabulary development
  • Contrast students' tasks in first and second language literacy development
  • Examine family literacy and discuss effective literate practices across cultures

Program Material List