Course Overview

TELL 440 is the fifth of seven courses that lead to an ESL endorsement. Working in groups, participants explore content-area learning from a second language perspective, reviewing the conceptual tools and content of previous TELL courses.

Teachers explore their pedagogical practices within their disciplines from the perspective of diverse learners' needs and strengths. They are engaged in curriculum development that applies their knowledge of ways to integrate content and language instruction in the mainstream classroom.

Activities encourage teachers to increase flexibility, cognitive complexity, self-monitoring practices, critical consideration, and specificity in planning to meet the needs of second language students in their classrooms.

  • In discipline-based teacher working groups they discuss ways to apply what they have learned from other courses to their content areas and draw implications for modifying curriculum and pedagogy.
  • They develop curriculum units that support language minority students in learning the language of academic domains.
  • They expand their awareness of learning styles and strategies for teaching content and language.


Course Materials List


Integrating Content and Language Instruction——Instructional Guide
Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model, by Echevarria, Vogt, & Short, Second Edition (2004) (Pearson Allyn & Bacon )
Funds of Knowledge , by Gonzalez, Moll, and Amanti

Elementary Case Studies

Teaching Alive Case Study Elementary
The Sheri Galarza Case Study Preschool
Lucia Villarreal Case Study Language Arts

Secondary Case Studies

Teaching Alive Case Study Secondary
Craig Cleveland Case Study High School Social Science
Mara Mills Case Study High School Science