TELL 477R is the seventh course leading to the ESL endorsement. The credit for this course is attached to the six video-anchored courses: On completing these courses, practicing teachers are awarded the four practicum credits. Teacher candidates are awarded these credits at the completion of their student teaching.

Course Description for Teacher Candidates

This course provides evidence that students know, understand, and use the best practices in planning, teaching, and assessing ESL students, having completed the six courses leading to the ESL endorsement or seven courses leading to a TESOL K-12 minor. The focus is on practical aspects of integrating language and literacy methodologies while teaching classroom content. This is considered to be a four-credit course consisting of 50 contact hours plus 10 hours spent in collaborative planning and reflecting.

During this course each candidate observes other teachers and other teachers observe the candidate, considering NCATE/TESOL criteria. Observations include planning, teaching, and assessing lessons that correlate with the core curriculum in content areas; meeting TESOL K-12 goals and NCATE standards, as well as the CREDE Standards for Effective Pedagogy; and completing a reflective journal of the teaching experience. At least four ESL students must be in the classroom, and an ESL-endorsed teacher will be available for mentoring. (The grading scale is as follows: A=94+, A-=90+, B+=85+, B=80+, B-=75+.) The required text, Packet of TELL Frameworks Posters , is available at the BYU Bookstore.

Student Checklist (2 points each)

  • Attendance at orientation
  • Two observations of other teachers, each accompanied by a 1-2 page typewritten reflection using the criteria below
  • Copies of two 1-2 page typewritten reflections on the candidate's teaching, completed by a BYU supervisor or colleague using the criteria below
  • One unit or five lesson plans, typewritten using the Instructional Plan format, with cognitive, social/affective, and linguistic goals and objectives
  • Five samples of assessments that correspond to the unit (teacher prepared with student evidence)
  • A reflective log of at least ten typewritten entries, showing how you attended to each of the criteria below during your practicum (see sample)
  • Attendance at an exit interview to present your portfolio: title page, observations and reflections, lesson plans, assessments, reflective log