I think I’m I’m into my culture. I haven’t gotten that much exposure up here in the state but I I like to stay focused in it because I think important to know who you are it’s vital.

Some of the ways that I’ve been able to stay focused are my family and um my family here and my family and Hawii and also some of the kids that I hung out with at school. I I didn’t know that many kids from my culture but I’m proud of it none the less.

When we first came up here it was already kind of a major transition because we weren’t living, we were living with family and um getting use to the schools and the new environment was hard because we went from a multi-cultural environment and it’s predominantly white sign it was kind of hard at first but I got use to it after a while and tried not to focus on the negatives.

When I first came up here I guess it was the mentality of the people. I’m it was different because everything is different from where I was from. The price are different the overall style, the people are different. They’re really friendly from where I’m from and um it was just the whole different ----(?) coming up here but we’re happy now so. . .

When my older brother fit in really well up here, he had a lot of different friends in high school and um I had different kinds of friends I didn’t really hang out with specific kinds of people but from my older brother I’d say he had it easier time adjusting and from my younger brother he’s so quiet and conservative anyways so I think I might have had an easier time then him so.

My mom fits in anywhere, she gets along with everybody, she’s just a real social lady, she finds ways to fit in but I think I fit in okay. I’m still alive so, I think I did well.

Having two cultures has been beneficial I think cause it’s made me appreciate my culture in Hawii but it’s also made me realize that . . . tape ends.

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