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ARTS Partnership: Arts Reaching and Teaching in Schools


21 Aug


First Day of Education Week (08/21/2017 - 08/25/2017)

25 Aug


Last Day of Education Week (08/21/2017 - 08/25/2017)

01 Sep


New Student Orientation

About the Partnership

"By adding arts to schools we are going to make life better for the children. That's what little children do: they sing, they dance, and they create."

Beverley Taylor Sorenson

From 1995 to 2013, Beverley Taylor Sorenson worked tirelessly to promote arts education for elementary school children. She and her family have provided a six million dollar endowment to support the BYU ARTS Partnership. The BYU Public School Partnership, operating since 1984, provides a responsive system of collaborative leadership to foster the programs that serve the teachers and students in 5 local school districts, which are: Alpine, Jordan, Nebo, Provo and Wasatch.

The BYU Arts Partnership works hard at making a difference in the lives of teachers and students by promoting quality integration learning in all subjects through arts programs in dance, drama, music, visual arts and media arts.



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Contact the BYU ARTS Partnership:
Phone: (801) 422-4974