New Study Links Brain Stem Volume and Aggression in Autism

New research from BYU’s autism experts is providing clues into the link between aggression and autism — clues the team hopes will eventually lead to more effective intervention.

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Picking Teams and Picking Music in P.E.

BYU education professor finds music helps and picking teams publicly hurts when helping kids try to enjoy exercise

Experiences for kids in P.E. can have long-lasting effects. Being picked last for a team may be humiliating in the moment, but could also have lasting emotional effects. (Credit: Photo Illustration/BYU Photo)
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The BYU school psychology program was recently named the No. 1 program out of 136 of its kind in faculty research productivity.
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BYU’s David O. McKay School recently hosted guest lecturer Erik Carter, a special education professor at Vanderbilt University, who spoke on the rising promise of peer-mediated interventions.
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You Can't Make This Stuff up

There are reader-submitted stories about their everyday life experiences as an administrator

Being an educator and having the privilege of working with children provides free entertainment every day. Sometimes the joy comes from parents and colleagues as well.
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Good, Better, and Best Approaches to Leading Learning with Teachers

The best way to increase student learning is to assist the adults who serve them

Some approaches are good, some are better, and some are best. The purpose of this article is to review some good, better, and best approaches that principals can take to increase teacher capacity that contributes to student achievement.
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