Cheering, Lifelong Learning, and Collaborating

The McKay School’s graduation ceremony featured insights from professors and students on the importance of support and idealism

Congratulations to our graduates! In today’s McKay School graduation ceremony, 155 students graduated with bachelor’s degrees, 26 earned with master’s degrees, 11 received doctorates, and nine earned education specialist degrees.


Husband and wife Martin Fujiki and Bonnie Burton, professors in the Department of Communication Disorders, were featured speakers in the August graduation ceremony.

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Y-Search is a new web program designed to benefit first year writing students.

The new web program, created by BYU librarians, has won several awards and is gaining attention from universities and librarians from around the country.
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Misplacing Science Teachers

Research shows that just 36 percent of new science teachers are teaching only in their trained subject.

Ryan Nixon spent four years studying matter, energy and the universe — and learning how to teach those and other physics-related concepts to teens. In his first year as an eighth-grade teacher, he hit a roadblock.
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First Annual LDS Educators Conference

Over 150 people gathered for the first annual LDS Educators Conference held at BYU’s campus

Keynote speakers included Elder Tad R. Callister, Sunday School general president, and John S. Tanner, president of BYU–Hawaii. Workshops were conducted concerning the relationship between attendants’ LDS covenants and their professional practice in education
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BYU’s Nerdy Ninja

Student Taylor “Skippy” Bouton is a competitor on July’s reality TV show American Ninja Warrior

Folks in BYU’s McKay School might know Taylor “Skippy” Bouton as the guy who helps fix their computers. But they might not know that Bouton is an undercover ninja.
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Superintendent Sweat's Graduation Speech

Paul Sweat addressed 404 McKay School graduates.

Superintendent Sweat spoke at the April 2017 McKay School convocation. His address highlighted the life of Benjamin Cluff Jr. and also included uplifting messages from Elder Holland. Sweat encouraged the graduates to stay strong and enjoy the work they would soon be doing in K–12 education, reminding them that the Lord would be on their side as they pursued their careers in teaching.
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