Speakers Announced for McKay School’s August Graduation

Students and professors will speak during the McKay School’s August graduation ceremony


The David O. McKay School of Education has announced the speakers for its upcoming graduation ceremony on August 18. Two students among the graduating class—Kylie Lucas and Melissa Burton—will address the audience. They will be followed by Bonnie Brinton and Martin Fujiki, professors from the school’s Department of Communication Disorders.


McKay School students Kylie Lucas and Melissa Burton and Professors Martin Fujiki and Bonnie Brinton will address graduates and their families on Friday, August 18, at 8:00 a.m. in the Smith Fieldhouse.

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Can free textbooks do the job?

A group of BYU professors and students have published seven related research papers this year that attempt to answer whether you learn as much in a course that uses free, open-access textbooks.

More than $1,000 a year for books and supplies alone: the number can be discouraging — if not completely prohibitive — to students considering enrolling in college or working to complete their degrees.
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BYU and Chinese University Continue 25 Years of Friendship

Xi’an International Studies University leaders visited BYU campus to meet with McKay School administrators

BYU was honored by the recent visit of Wang Junzhe, president of Xi’an International Studies University (XISU), and five of his administrators from Xi’an, China. Wang and his associates were greeted by several BYU faculty members.
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Teaching Begins with the Learner

Attendees learned better teaching practices at the recent Leadership in the 21st Century Conference.

The David O. McKay School of Education and the Brigham Young University–Public School Partnership presented the ninth biennial conference of Instructional Leadership in the 21st Century. The conference was held March 23–24, 2017.
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Graduates Encouraged to Serve with Confidence and Love

Over 400 students graduated from the McKay School today.

Convocation speakers advised graduates to allow love, conviction, and other Christ-like attributes to guide their pursuits.
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Elizabeth Olsen and Kalie Peck, elementary education students, taught 37 students when their practicum mentor suddenly became ill.
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