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Communication Disorders

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The mission of the Department of Communication Disorders is to advance knowledge and learning in science and clinical practice through research, teaching, and clinical service.

The department offers both undergraduate (BS) and graduate (MS) degrees in the discipline of communication disorders. The programs prepare students who have both strong academic knowledge in the field of communication disorders and a desire to apply this knowledge to remediate communication disorders across the life span. Learn More

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Dry Throat Solutions—Saline or Otherwise

Some people feel they are constantly spitting cotton—their mouths and throats so dry they can hardly speak. Their dry eyes burn despite incessant drops. Kristine Tanner of the Department of Communication Disorders is conducting research with the goal of finding a long-term solution for chronic throat dryness, including individuals who have Sjogren’s Syndrome.

"Hideout" Educational Mobile App Becomes Big Hit

Now, only seven months after its debut, Hideout has reached over 15,000 downloads and has a rating of four and a half of five stars on iTunes. Hideout was recognized by smartappsforkids.com as “Good Free App of the Day”, and after the review in October it was the 60th highest download of a free educational app in the U.S. on iTunes.