Assistant Professor

Contact Information

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Office: 306-R MCKB

Brief Biography

Donald Baum is an Assistant Professor with areas of expertise in education policy, international development, the economics of education, and quantitative research methods. His research focuses on the behaviors and contributions of the private sector in education, including the expansion of for-profit education markets, private schooling for the poor, and state regulation of private schools, with the primary geographic focus of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Teaching Interests

Education Policy

Education and International Development

Economics of Education

Policy Analysis

Quantitative Inquiry in Education

Selected Publications

What matters most for engaging the private sector in education: A framework paper (2014)

Authors: Baum, Donald R; Lewis, Laura; Lusk-Stover, Oni; Patrinos, Harry

Publication Type: Technical Report

Publisher: The World Bank

City: Washington, DC

Issue: Number 8

Career dilemmas among Diné (Navajo) College Graduates: an exploration of the Dinétah (Navajo Nation) Brain Drain (2013)

Authors: Baum, Donald R; McKenzie, James; Jackson, Aaron Paul; Yazzie, Robert; Smith, Steven Arthur; Crotty, Amber; Denny, Avery; Bah'lgai Eldridge, Dana

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Volume: 4

Issue: 4

Cross-national impacts of public-private partnerships on equitable student achievement: A quasi-experimental assessment of PISA 2009 (2013)

Authors: Baum, Donald R

Publication Type: Working Paper

Publisher: University of Minnesota