Assistant Professor

Contact Information

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Office: 201-H MCKB
TEd, TEd Graduate

Brief Biography

Dr. Black Hults is a former 4th-grade teacher who taught in Arizona and California. She has taught in rural, urban, and suburban settings. Her work has been primarily in settings where her students spoke many different languages.

Dr. Black Hults seeks to foster a love of teaching that utilizes the diversity of our students as a resource and to plan our lessons based on the capabilities of our students rather than perceived deficits. Her research and teaching are unified by her aim to reduce to the number of inappropriate referrals of Emergent Bilingual students (also called English Language Learners) to Special Education testing.

Teaching Interests

Second Language Acquisition

Methods of Teaching Reading and Writing to Second Language Learners

Methods of Teaching Exceptional English Language Learners

Research Interests

ESL Professional Development for ECE, Elementary, and Content-Area Teachers

The Over-representation of Emergent Bilingual Students in SPLED settings