Associate Clinical Professor

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Office: 306-A MCKB

Brief Biography

Not many first graders sit down and seriously contemplate possible career options, unless you consider Spider-Man, Superman, or Batman to be career options. And most wouldn’t comprehend the role school plays in relation to a career. Bryan Bowles, however, was the exception.

After teaching his younger sister how to read and write while he himself was still in the first grade, Bowles discovered his love of teaching and decided to pursue a career in education. This fall, he accepted an associate clinical professor position at the David O. McKay School of Education.

“There’s magic in teaching,” said Bowles. “There’s nothing more noble, rewarding, or satisfying than teaching someone a practice that will benefit their life. Education gives people choices, and choices bring opportunities.”

Bowles spent the last 14 years of his career as superintendent of the Davis School District, the second largest district in the state of Utah. Without a classroom of his own, Bowles itched for opportunities to teach. He would frequently substitute for any grade level in his district. He would even put the names of the teachers in his district into a hat, and whoev

Teaching Interests

Educational Leadership

Human Resource Management

Teacher evaluation.

Research Interests

Teacher evaluation

Recruitment, hiring and retention of school personnel

Gender issues in hiring

Socialization theory


Legacy Award

Davis Chamber of Commerce


2016 Lifetime Achievement Award (Influence in Education)

Northern Utah Curriculum Consortium