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Office: 201-F MCKB
TEd, TEd Graduate

Research Interests

Leveraging university-public school partnerships to enhance teacher learning


Faculty Excellence Award

Utah Valley State College

2004 - Present

Carl V. Watkins Outstanding Educator

Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce

1995 - Present

Karl Jones Utah State Elementary Math Teacher of the Year

Utah Council of Teachers of Mathematics

1993 - Present

Alumni Faculty of the Year

Utah Valley State College

2003 - Present

Golden Apple Outstanding Educator Award

Orem City PTA Council

1994 - Present

Selected Publications

Structural and Conceptual Interweaving of Mathematics Methods Coursework and Field Practica (2014)

Authors: Bahr, Damon L; Monroe, Eula; Eggett, Dennis Lee

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Volume: 17

Issue: 3

Page Numbers: 271-297

Structural and conceptual interweaving of mathematics methods coursework and field practica in an era of mathematics reform (2013)

Authors: Bahr, Damon L; Monroe, Eula; Eggett, Dennis

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Abstract: click to view

This paper describes a study of observed relationships between the design of a preservice elementary mathematics methods course with accompanying field practicum and changes in the extent to which participating preservice teachers identified themselves with the mathematics reform movement after becoming inservice teachers. The curriculum of the course with its embedded field practicum experiences was designed to support preservice teachers in interweaving methods coursework and pedagogical instruction with classroom practice. University and elementary school structures were interwoven by conducting weekly mathematics methods course sessions at a school sites followed immediately by related practicum experiences in classrooms in the school. The interweaving of conceptualizations about mathematics teaching and learning was facilitated as the methods instructor provided professional development for classroom teachers simultaneously with the methods course, encouraging the teachers to create “reform-friendly” classroom environments. Survey data from 68 preservice teachers involved in the project were analysed to identify relationships between course/practicum experiences and the degree to which they as inservice teachers, 1-3 years following the course/practicum, identified with a reform mathematics perspective, as well as to examine factors influencing those relationships.

It takes a village: Investigating the critical role clinical faculty play in mathematics teacher education. (2013)

Authors: Bahr, Damon L

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: Springer

Volume: 4

Page Numbers: 1-20

Abstract: click to view

The dispositions of preservice elementary education teachers toward reform-oriented mathematics education were surveyed before and after an extended pre-student teaching practicum. During the practicum, university and school-based personnel served a “clinical faculty” as they supported the preservice teachers’ practicum experiences. The preservice teachers’ perceptions of the clinical faculty’s dispositions were also surveyed. Relationships between changes in the dispositions of the preservice teachers and their perceptions of the clinical faculty were discovered thus highlighting the important influence clinical faculty wield as mathematics teacher educators.

Examining Preservice Teacher Belief Changes in the Context of Coordinated Mathematics Methods Coursework and Classroom Experiences. (2013)

Authors: Bahr, Damon L; Monroe, Eula; Shaha, Steven

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: Wiley Blackwell (School Science and Mathematics Association)

Country: USA

Volume: 113

Issue: 3

Page Numbers: 144-155

Editors: Shelly Harkness

Abstract: click to view

The purpose of this study was to compare changes in beliefs of two groups of preservice teachers’ involved in two types of opportunities to immediately apply methods for teaching accompanying an elementary mathematics methods course. Students in one group applied the methods learned in class through weekly 30-minute peer teaching sessions, while students in the other group worked for 45 minutes weekly with elementary students in public school classrooms where traditional pedagogy was normally practiced. The intensity of the beliefs about the nature of mathematics and of mathematical work held by these methods students was measured using the Integrating Mathematics and Pedagogy (IMAP) Web-Based Beliefs Survey (Philipp et al., 2007) as a pre- and post-assessment. While both groups saw significant change in belief intensity across measurement occasions favoring a reform perspective, a significantly greater change was experienced by the group who applied methods in classrooms, despite the traditional practice that usually occurred in them. The authors hypothesize this greater change resulted from the benefits associated with working with children and from the instructor support that may have tended to nullify the effects of teaching in a classroom where traditional pedagogy was the norm.

Instruction and Physical Environments that Support Process Writing in Elementary Classrooms (2011)

Authors: BIllen, Monica; Wilcox, Bradley Ray; Bahr, Damon L; Shumway, Jill Brown; Korth, Byran Baird; Yates, Elizabeth; Morrison, Timothy G; Simmerman, Sue; Harward, Stan; Peterson, Nancy; Pierce, Linda

Publication Type: Other

Publisher: Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers

Volume: 33

Page Numbers: 101-116

Editors: Timothy Morrison, Linda Martin, Merry Boggs, Susan Szabo