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Office: 340 MCKB

Brief Biography

Katie Edna Steed is an Associate Clinical Professor at Brigham Young University in the department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education. Her area of expertise is in children with severe disabilities, including mental retardation, traumatic brain injury and Autism. She teaches the methods and practicum courses at BYU for students who would like to become licensed Special Educators with a Severe Endorsement.

Prior to coming to BYU as a professor, Katie taught in the public schools both as a general educator for one year and as a special educator for three. During this time she completed her Masters of Science in Special Education. Her thesis is entitled: Instructing teachers of children with disabilities within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She is passionate about this topic and has presented at several churches over the past serveral years on how to best instruct their primary age children with special needs.

Katie and her husband, Marc Steed, are Technical Specialists for LDS Charities and have traveled to Albania and Guyana where they conduct training for professionals in the fields of medicine and education on how to work with

Teaching Interests

Reading Instruction


Intro to Special Education


Research Interests

Supporting members with disabilities to access their religion


2014 Nancy Peery Marriott Outstanding Teacher Award

BYU McKay School


Hilda B. Jones Special Educator of the Year

Utah Council for Exceptional Children


Selected Publications

Advice for dad (2012)

Authors: Steed, Katie Edna

Publication Type: Website

Publisher: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints

City: Salt Lake City

URL: www.lds.org/children/resources/tips/2012/03?lang=eng