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Office: 340-E MCKB

Research Interests

Assessment of Deviant Sexual Interest

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Effectiveness of Open Education Resources

Decision-based Learning


Nancy Peery Marriott Outstanding Teacher of the Year

McKay School of Education


School Psychology Professor of the Year

School Psychology Program


School Psychology Professor of the Year

School Psychology Program


Selected Publications

Once more unto the breach, dear friends: An introduction to Turning Freud Upside Down II (2017)

Authors: Fischer, Lane

Publication Type: Book, Chapter/ Section in Scholarly Book

Publisher: BYU Press

City: Provo, Utah

Country: United States

Editors: Lane Fischer & Aaron Jackson

A multi-institutional study of the impact of open textbook adoption on the learning outcomes of post-secondary students (2015)

Authors: Fischer, Lane; Hilton, John L; Robinson, Thomas; Wiley, David

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

City: New York

Country: USA

Page Numbers: 159-172

Implementing Strong Kids school-wide to reduce internalizing behaviors and increase prosocial behaviors (2014)

Authors: Kramer, Thomas; Caldarella, Paul; Young, K Richard; Fischer, Lane; Warren, Jared Scott

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: West Virginia University Press

City: Morgantown, WV

Volume: 37

Issue: 4

Page Numbers: 659-680

Abstract: click to view

Instruction and training in social and emotional learning (SEL) is an important component in addressing the emotional and behavioral needs of students. This study is the first to examine whether Strong Kids, an SEL program, delivered school-wide in all classrooms, could result in decreased internalizing behaviors and increased prosocial behaviors for both at-risk and general education students. This study also evaluated whether teachers could implement Strong Kids as designed and whether they viewed it as socially valid. A non-equivalent control group design was used. The treatment school consisted of 348 student participants and 17 teacher participants in grades K–6. The control school consisted of 266 student participants and 11 teacher participants in grades K–6. Pretest and posttest teacher ratings revealed significant decreases in students’ internalizing behaviors at the treatment school, while these behaviors increased at the control school. Students at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders improved significantly more than those not at risk on ratings of internalizing symptoms and prosocial behaviors, even when the intervention was delivered school-wide in all classrooms. Teachers were able to implement Strong Kids with a high level of fidelity and they held moderately favorable views of the program.

The Impact of Open Textbooks on Secondary Science Learning Outcomes (2014)

Authors: Robinson, Thomas; Fischer, Lane; Wiley, David Arnim; Hilton, John L

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: American Educational Research Association

Volume: 43

Issue: 7

Page Numbers: 341-351

SOD1 targeted to the mitochondrial intermembrane space prevents motor neuropathy in the Sod1 knockout mouse. (2011)

Authors: Fischer, Lane; Igoudjil, A; Magrané, J; Li , Y; Hansen, Jason Merrell; Manfredi, G; Glass, J

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Volume: 134

Issue: Pt 1

Page Numbers: 196-209

ISSN: 0006-8950