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Office: 205B MCKB
TEd, TEd Graduate


Brigham Young University Teaching and Learning with Technology Fellowship

Brigham Young University Center for Instructional Design

2003 - 2004

Hall of Fame

Davis County School District

1998 - 1999

Adelaide Elementary Teacher of the Year

Adelaide Elementary School

1998 - 1999

Ritchey Science Teacher of the Year

State Science and Engineering Fair

1998 - 1999

Selected Publications

Science Self-Efficacy and School Transitions: Elementary School to Middle School and Middle School to High School (2015)

Authors: Lofgren, Brandi; Smith, Leigh K; Whiting, Erin Feinauer

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: Wiley

Volume: 115

Issue: 7

Page Numbers: 366-376

TPACK development in science teaching: Measuring the TPACK confidence of inservice science teachers (2009)

Authors: Graham, Charles R; Burgoyne, Nicolette; Cantrell, Pamela Patch; Smith, Leigh K; StClair, Larry Lee; Harris, Ronald Albert

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Volume: 53

Issue: 5

Page Numbers: 70-79

Life on the borderlands: Action research and clinical teacher education faculty (2008)

Authors: Bullough, Robert V; Draper, Roni Jo; Smith, Leigh K; Young, Janet R

Publication Type: Book, Chapter/ Section in Scholarly Book

Publisher: State University of New York Press

City: Albany, NY

Page Numbers: 85-102

Editors: R.V. Bullough, Jr.