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Macleans A. Geo-JaJa is Professor of Economics and Education at Brigham Young University, where he directs the Research Program in Rights in Education, Capabilities Deprivation, and Right to Development. He is currently a Fulbright Senior Specialist Fellow and a Visiting Research Professor at Zhejiang Normal University, china. He is a member of the Advisory Council of the Nigerian Think Tank and on numerous journal editorial boards, including the editorial consulting board of International Review of Education a UNESCO journal.

I am a co-author with Majhanovich, Suzanne, on Economics, Aid, and Education; Implication for Development for Development; co-editor with Shizhou Lou; and Yong Y.; of Education, Poverty, and Development in sub-Saharan Africa; co-editor with Majhanovich, Suzanne, of Education, Language and Economics: Growing National and Global Dilemmas; and the Politics of Education Reforms: Globalization, Comparative Education and Policy Research. Professor Geo-JaJa is author or co-author of significant tier one journal articles, and numerous book chapters and others on education and development in Africa.