Assistant Professor

Contact Information

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Office: 150-F MCKB

Brief Biography

Dr. Larsen received his undergraduate and masters degree in statistics at BYU. He furthered his education by studying Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Research and Measurement at Texas A & M where he got his PhD. He has worked as a post-doctoral researcher and researcher scientist at the University of Virginia and as an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. He, his wife, and his four children are delighted to be back in Provo working for BYU.

Teaching Interests

One of my primary strengths is enthusiasm in the teaching of statistics. It is truly exciting to share my knowledge with others so they, too, can analyze data and make decisions based on data. Statistics can be fun when taught well, and this can relieve the anxiety that many students enter the class with.

Research Interests

My research encompasses much of what confronts a social scientist when they are analyzing data and validating theory.

Two defining themes that motivate my research are: (a) common methodological social science issues and (b) comprehensive structural equation modeling.


Selected Publications

How positive processes function in negative relationships: Dispositional gratitude moderates the associate between affective need and frequency of dating violence victimization (2016)

Authors: Griffin, Brandon; Garthe, Rachel; Worthington Jr., Everett; Sullivan, Terri; Larsen, Ross Allen Andrew; Lavelock, Caroline; Davis, Dan

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

A Multi-Experimental Examination of Analyzing Mouse Cursor Trajectories to Gauge Subject Uncertainty (2015)

Authors: Jenkins, Jeffrey Lyne; Larsen, Ross Allen Andrew; Bodily, Robert; Sandberg, Daniel ; Williams, Parker; Stokes, Steve; Harris, Spencer; Valacich, Joseph

Publication Type: Conference Proceedings

Bidirectional associations between perceived parental support for violent and nonviolent responses and early adolescent aggressive and effective nonviolent behaviors. (2015)

Authors: Garthe, Rachel; Sullivan, Terri; Larsen, Ross Allen Andrew

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Volume: 45

Page Numbers: 183-195

Perspectives of self-regulation among young children in Kosovo: Do parents', teachers', and assessor reports' differ from direct measures? (2015)

Authors: Suchodoletz, A.; Uka, F.; Larsen, Ross Allen Andrew

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Abstract: click to view

von Suchodoletz, A., Uka, F., & Larsen, R. A. (2015). Self-Regulation Across Different Contexts: Findings in Young Albanian Children. Early Education and Development, (ahead-of-print), 1-18.

Reading and spelling skills in German third graders: Examining the role of student and context characteristics (2015)

Authors: Suchodoletz, A.; Larsen, Ross Allen Andrew; Gunzenhauser, C.; Fasche, A.

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

The impact of participation in the Advanced Placement program on students' college admissions test scores (2015)

Authors: Warne, R.; Larsen, Ross Allen Andrew; Anderson, B. ; Johnson, A.

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

To What Extent Do Teacher–Student Interaction Quality and Student Gender Contribute to Fifth Graders’ Engagement in Mathematics Learning? (2015)

Authors: Rimm-Kaufman, Sara; Baroody, Alison; Larsen, Ross Allen Andrew; Curby, Tim; Abry, Tashia

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Volume: 107

Page Numbers: 170-185

Abstract: click to view

Rimm-Kaufman, S. E., Baroody, A. E., Larsen, R. A., Curby, T. W., & Abry, T. (2015). To what extent do teacher–student interaction quality and student gender contribute to fifth graders’ engagement in mathematics learning?. Journal of Educational Psychology, 107(1), 170.

Direct and Indirect Effects of Principal Leadership on Teacher Quality and Mathematics Achievement in the Context of the Responsive Classroom Approach (2015)

Authors: Larsen, Ross Allen Andrew; Wanless, Shannon; Rimm-Kaufman, Sara; Curby, Timothy

Publication Type: Book, Chapter/ Section in Scholarly Book

Publisher: InfoAge

City: Charlotte, NC

Country: USA

URL: http://www.infoagepub.com/products/Leadership-and-School-Quality

Editors: DiPaola, M. F and Hoy, W. K.

Abstract: click to view

Purpose: In this study, we examine: (a) the direct effect of principal leadership on teacher-student interaction quality, (b) the direct effect of teacher-student interaction quality on student mathematics achievement, and (c) the indirect effect of principal leadership on student mathematics achievement via teacher-student interaction quality. These effects are tested in schools randomized to one of two conditions—one in which teachers have been trained in the Responsive Classroom approach and the other in which teachers are using business as usual approaches. Research Design: We used a multi-group, multilevel structural equation model to test the strength of the direct and indirect relations among principals, teachers, and students at intervention versus comparison schools. This randomized controlled trial was conducted in 24 socioeconomically diverse, suburban elementary schools. Findings: In the intervention group only, results showed (a) direct effects between teachers' perception of their principal’s leadership and teaching quality; (b) direct effects between teaching quality and student mathematics achievement; and (c) indirect effects between teachers' perception of their principal's leadership and mathematics achievement. These relations were not present in the comparison schools. Conclusions and Implications for Research and Practice: The Responsive Classroom approach creates conditions in which principal leadership appears to have influence on teaching quality, and in turn, mathematics achievement. One plausible explanation is that the Responsive Classroom approach enhances interconnectedness among principals, teachers, and students.

Self-regulation across different contexts: Findings in young Albanian children. (2015)

Authors: Suchodoletz, Antje; Uka, Fitim; Larsen, Ross Allen Andrew

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal