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Office: 340-B MCKB
CPSE, CPSE Masters

Brief Biography

Dr. Ryan Kellems is a Assistant Professor in the Counseling Psychology and Special Education department at Brigham Young University.

Prior to coming to BYU Dr. Kellems was on the faculty at the University of Oregon where he worked with the National Post-School Outcomes Center. His primary research interests are video modeling, transition for students with disabilities, post-school outcomes of students with disabilities, assistive technology, and working with young adults with autism in community-based vocational settings. One of Dr. Kellems areas of expertise is using the latest technology to assist students with disabilities as they transition to life after school. Prior to completing his doctoral degree Dr. Kellems was a high school teacher where he worked in both rural and urban settings as a special education and Social Studies teacher.

Dr. Kellems also conducts professional development across the country related to implementing video modeling in academic and community based settings.

Teaching Interests

Special Education

Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Exceptional Needs

Education and Multicultural Issues in Special Education

Curriculum & Instruction for Secondary Students

Student Teaching: Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Research Interests


Video Modeling

Mobile Technology (iPads, iPods & tablets)


Secondary Special Education

Inclusive Education

Professional Development for Special Education Teachers


Selected Publications

Teaching multi-step math skills to students with disabilities via video prompting (2016)

Authors: Gabrielsen, Terisa P; Kellems, Ryan O; Frandsen, K.; Hansen, Blake Darrell; Clarke, B.

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Using content acquisition podcasts to deliver core content to preservice teacher candidates (2015)

Authors: Kennedy, Michael; Kellems, Ryan O; Thomas, Cathy; Newton, Jennifer

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: Intervention in School and Clinic

Volume: 50

Issue: 3

Page Numbers: 163–168

The Use of Visual Organizers: Supporting Executive Functioning and Academics (2015)

Authors: Kellems, Ryan O; Gabrielsen, Terisa P; Williams, Caroline

Publication Type: Book, Chapter/ Section in Scholarly Book

Publisher: Springer

City: New York

Country: United States

ISBN: 978-3319208718

Editors: Cardon, T.A.

A Delphi Study to Operationalize Evidence-Based Predictors in Secondary Transition (2014)

Authors: Rowe, Dawn; Alverson, Charlotte; Unruh, Deanne; Fowler, Catherine; Kellems, Ryan; Test, David

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals

Using video modeling delivered through iPods to teach vocational tasks to young adults with autism spectrum disorders (2012)

Authors: Kellems, Ryan; Morningstar, Mary

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals

Volume: 35

Issue: 3

Page Numbers: 155–167

Tips for transition (2010)

Authors: Kellems, Ryan O; Morningstar, Mary

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: Teaching Exceptional Children

Volume: 43

Issue: 2

Page Numbers: 60–68