Editor and Writing Consultant
Associate Teaching Professor

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Office: 201-D MCKB
Dean's Office


Selected Publications

Writing instruction in elementary classrooms: Why teachers engage or do not engage students in writing (2014)

Authors: Harward, Stan; Peterson, Nancy; Korth, Byran Baird; Wimmer, Jennifer J; Wilcox, Bradley Ray; Morrison, Timothy G; Black, Sharon Jean; Simmerman, Sue; Pierce, Linda

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers

Volume: 53

Issue: 3

Page Numbers: 205-224

Identifying authors by phonoprints in their characters' names: An exploratory study (2013)

Authors: Wilcox, Bradley Ray; Brown, Bruce L; Smemoe, Wendy Baker; Black, Sharon Jean; Bray, Justin

Publication Type: Journal Article, Academic Journal

Publisher: The American Names Society

Volume: 61

Issue: 2

Page Numbers: 101-121

Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy (2012)

Authors: Culatta, Barbara; Hall-Kenyon, Kendra Maria; Black, Sharon Jean

Publication Type: Book, Edited

Publisher: Plural Publishing

City: San Diego, CA

Country: USA

Page Numbers: 476