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  • Grit and Determination to Continue Learning

    A James Madison Fellowship, awarded by the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation, is enabling Darlene James to earn her second master’s degree. After graduating from the McKay School in 2003, James has been teaching history during school terms and experiencing history as she travels during the summers.

    “I’ve been to Boston and Philadelphia, and [I’ve] retraced the steps of Lewis and Clark,” James said. “Every summer I seek out opportunities to liven my teaching and remind myself why I love teaching and history so much.”

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Fujiki brings more than 20 years of teaching and research experience to his new role and responsibilities.
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At a “new student” orientation session, Professor Lane Fischer taught parents about young adults’ transition from rigid group identification to individual ideology.
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The event will inform students of career opportunities in China and provide a networking context.
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This change prompts a transition of responsibility for coordinating educator preparation from the McKay School of Education to the EPP.
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While it likely won’t help calm first-day-of-school jitters, parents and kids can rest easy knowing that qualified teachers educated at Utah universities have been carefully prepared and are ready to meet challenges in today’s classrooms.
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