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The Science of Spirituality in Children and Youth

Lisa Miller, professor and director of clinical psychology at Columbia University, spoke at BYU on spirituality and psychology.

Lisa Miller, PhD, professor and director of clinical psychology at Columbia University, gave a presentation at BYU entitled “The Science of Spirituality in Children and Youth” on March 31, 2016. She spoke on how spirituality in children was not a topic of discussion when she was in school. The first publication about spirituality in adults was published in 1997, but that same research and publication did not highlight children until much later. 


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Teacher Knowledge at Benjamin Cluff Jr. Lecture

D. Jean Clandinin teaches important lessons about teacher knowledge at the Benjamin Cluff Jr. lecture

The annual Benjamin Cluff Jr. lecture featured three special awards and an informative lecture from the University of Alberta’s D. Jean Clandinin.
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Another Semester of Co-teaching Success

This semester the School Leadership Program expanded co-teaching to three courses

Educators are always looking for ways to teach more effectively and enhance student learning. Bringing fresh perspectives and diverse experiences to the classroom is one way the School Leadership Program has pursued greater student learning.
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Here's what happened in the SLP during winter semester 2016!
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Finding New Opportunities in Education

Julie Ward’s job as a facilitator began her interest in administration and in the ExSL program

When Julie Ward decided to pursue a career in administration, she chose the McKay School’s Executive School Leadership Program so that she could continue to support her family by working. The part-time program allows her to keep her job as a facilitator at Old Mill Elementary School in Heber, Utah.
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Finding a Calling in Teaching

Paul Finlayson may have started off in the hunting business, but he has now found his happiness in education

Not every teacher started their career path in education, and some, like licensure-only student Paul Finlayson, seem to have made a big jump. Finlayson's career began in the hunting business.
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