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Robert Gleave was nominated for the APA Group Psychologist of the Year Award and appointed to the AGPA governing board
[10 Apr 2014 | ]
Professor Receives National Recognition from Colleagues and Professional Organizations

Twenty-five years ago, Robert Gleave joined the BYU Office of Counseling and Psychological Services as its newest psychologist. Since then, thousands of students have gone through his office, first in the Kimball Tower and later in the Wilkinson Center. He has helped them mature, overcome their challenges, and become stronger. Whether they were graduate students learning to conduct advanced group theory or incoming freshmen struggling with being on their own …

MSE associate dean has published two books on combining face-to-face and online learning.
[9 Apr 2014 | ]
Blended Learning, the Best of Two Educational Worlds

Charles Graham, associate dean of the McKay School and professor in the Department of Instructional Psychology and Technology (IP&T), has recently published two books on blended learning. These books “both resulted from collaborations with colleagues,” Graham explained. “It is interesting that they happened simultaneously. One focuses on research in the area of blended learning and is more academic, while the second is geared more towards practitioners.”
Essentials for Blended Learning: A …

Arts Leadership Academy teaches arts skills and tools teachers can implement in their own classrooms.
[9 Apr 2014 | ]
Educating Educators in the Arts

A teacher never stops learning, and for the 29 elementary school teachers and specialists who are part of the Arts Leadership Academy each year, an important part of that learning is in the arts. These educators are chosen by their BYU-Public School Partnership school districts to participate in the academy and broaden their knowledge and skills in the arts.
Developed seven years ago by the BYU Arts Partnership, the Arts Leadership …

Research team studies benefits of open educational resources for students of all ages
[3 Apr 2014 | ]
Researchers Explore Value of Open-Source Textbooks

Seeking alternatives to costly traditional textbooks, Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation (EIME) PhD student Jared Robinson and his team are investigating the use of low-cost open-source materials.
Robinson, who has been a teacher, said of his decision to pursue a doctorate degree at the McKay School, “I want to be part of the larger educational discourse, and a degree allows for that.” Robinson has found the chance to join significant educational …

[1 Apr 2014 | ]
School Leadership Program Holds Transition Dinners for Interns

The Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations holds two transitional dinners each year to introduce the Leadership Preparation Program interns to the principals of the schools to which they have been assigned. The principals who attend the event will be working with the interns for the next three months on a full-time basis. These events provide students with an opportunity to get to know their mentor principal before beginning their …