Speakers Announced for McKay School’s August Graduation

Students and professors will speak during the McKay School’s August graduation ceremony


The David O. McKay School of Education has announced the speakers for its upcoming graduation ceremony on August 18. Two students among the graduating class—Kylie Lucas and Melissa Burton—will address the audience. They will be followed by Bonnie Brinton and Martin Fujiki, professors from the school’s Department of Communication Disorders.


McKay School students Kylie Lucas and Melissa Burton and Professors Martin Fujiki and Bonnie Brinton will address graduates and their families on Friday, August 18, at 8:00 a.m. in the Smith Fieldhouse.

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Resumption of the EPSF Program

The resumption of the EPSF master's program will take place this upcoming fall semester.

The David O. McKay School of Education is excited to announce the resumption of the Education Policy and Social Foundations (EPSF) program, a rigorous two-year emphasis in the Educational Leadership and Foundations (EdLF) master’s degree in education (MEd).
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EdLF in China

Four interns participated in the first EdLF administrative internship program in China

Four excited students from the McKay School’s Educational Leadership and Foundations (EdLF) program were able to experience the department’s first administrative internship in Guangzhou, China.
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The Field Is White: 11 Years in the Making

Carol Wilkinson has spent the past 11 years writing a book that shares the stories of early converts from the Three Counties in England.

The Field Is White: Harvest in the Three Counties of England by Carol Wilkinson, McKay School associate professor, and Cynthia Doxey Green hit bookshelves mid-June.
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Arts Express Summer Conference 2017

Parents, administrators, and teachers from around the state gathered for the two-day arts integration conference.

Participants received hands-on training to better assist the integration of the arts with core subjects.
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Y-Search is a new web program designed to benefit first year writing students.

The new web program, created by BYU librarians, has won several awards and is gaining attention from universities and librarians from around the country.
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