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Aaron Stevenson describes his enthusiasm for teaching, his interest in every student, and his gratitude for exemplary colleagues.
[29 Jun 2015 | ]
McKay School Alumnus Shares Highlights in His Work as Teacher and Principal

Since he discovered his love for learning and teaching, McKay School alumnus Aaron Stevenson knew that a career in education was for right him and for his family.
Stevenson  started teaching in 2005 with an  internship at Bonneville Elementary in Orem, Utah, and since then has filled a variety of positions in schools. After his internship Stevenson was hired by Bonneville Elementary to teach fourth grade. After three years of teaching, …

[3 Jun 2015 | ]
BYU’s Educator Preparation Program Receives National Accreditation

The Brigham Young University Educator Preparation Program has been awarded the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) accreditation by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, for a period of seven years, until 2022.
“This accreditation is an affirmation of the strong work that is being done across the university to prepare the next generation of educators,” said BYU Academic Vice President Brent W. Webb. “The faculty and staff in many …

Bob Bodily explores the effects of student engagement visualizations on student and instructor behavior.
[21 May 2015 | ]
McKay School PhD Student Receives $15,000 Research Award

Bob Bodily, a PhD candidate from the McKay School of Education, was recently awarded a $15,000 BYU Graduate Research Fellowship. Over 100 applications were submitted across campus and Bodily’s proposal was one of about 30 chosen.
“My idea originated from an interest in learning analytics and improving education using data,” said Bodily. “I am interested in seeing if students’ behavior changes when they see how they compare to others and how …

McKay School Alumna Ali Parrish describes her new career and offers advice to alumni and future educators.
[13 May 2015 | ]
From the Classroom to Instructional Design: Adapting to Life’s “Other Plans”

Life doesn’t always go as planned, but differences can bring positive change. McKay School graduate Alexandra Parrish recently spoke to students about her experiences and her career: how she ended up becoming an instructional designer for the LDS Church, what she does in this endeavor, and how students can use their education degree beyond the classroom.
Her Career Path
After a period of wanting to be the tooth fairy, Parrish has been …

The APA Division 36 Midyear Conference presented research and suggestions for professional practice integrating religion/spirituality into psychology.
[6 May 2015 | ]
Conference on Religious and Spiritual Psychology Focuses on Variety of Beliefs and Practices

When Allen Bergin first published his innovative research recognizing the importance of religious and spiritual concerns in psychotherapy, he received over 1,000 responses and requests for reprints—an incredibly high demand for a pre-Internet publication.
Now, 35 years later, a division of the American Psychological Association is devoted exclusively to religious and spiritual issues in the field of psychology. Bergin, an emeritus BYU professor, reflected on his experiences pioneering this     …