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BYU–Public School Partnership celebrates its 30th anniversary with two special conferences exploring facets of civic virtue in the classroom.
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Roles of Civic Virtue in Education

Two one-day conferences celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Brigham Young University–Public School Partnership, which unites BYU’s Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling with local school districts Alpine, Jordan, Nebo, Provo City, and Wasatch County to improve both teacher preparation and public schooling.
“We look at the whole educational system as including both the university and the place where the teachers we prepare will work,” said Paul Wangemann, …

Splat! teaches children colors and facial expressions.
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McKay School Student Designs Educational App for his Two-Year-Old Daughter

Cory Johnson, a master’s student in Instructional Psychology and Technology, recently had the opportunity to design an educational app for one of the toughest critics around: his own two-year-old daughter.
Johnson’s app Splat! is designed for children under the age of four. It encourages exploration, expression, and experimentation and teaches colors and emotional expressions. With every touch the user either creates cute cuddly characters or manipulates their expressions.
Johnson thought that his …

"The Power of Communication"
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Honored Alumna Cindy Sutton

Honored alumna Cindy Sutton recently spoke to the McKay School students and faculty as part of the BYU Homecoming activities. She spoke on the power of communication and the influence our voices can have in society. She also reminded her audience that they should be grateful to have voices and not take them for granted.
“Our communication has the power to calm fears, erase loneliness, ease pain, and build bridges,” Sutton …

More than 150 researchers, teachers, and parents learned about best practices according to autism research
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First BYU Autism Workshop Shared Range of Research and Practice

Clinicians specializing in autism spectrum disorders recently gathered at Brigham Young University with researchers, teachers, and parents to explore research-based practices to help individuals who have this condition.
The one-day workshop included experts from multiple disciplines representing BYU, the University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Utah State University, and the Utah State Office of Education.
“Our goal with this workshop was to disseminate the best practices resulting from autism research,” said Terisa …

Since starting the reaccreditation process two years ago, the program has received approval by the APA.
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Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program Reaccredited by the American Psychological Association

The doctoral program in counseling psychology offered by the McKay School’s Department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education (CPSE) has successfully renewed its accreditation.
Aaron Jackson, the program’s coordinator, collaborated with other professionals in the department and beyond to secure accreditation from the American Psychological Association (APA). Jackson said the program has gone through this lengthy but critical process every seven years since 2000.
“Every significant program on campus, especially graduate programs, …