New Design Thinking Minor Now Available

Four disciplines cross paths in this collaborative new minor

Students and faculty from the Instructional Psychology and Technology Department, the Department of Design, the Department of Experience Design and Management, and the School of Technology will use design principles to create scalable solutions and solve industry problems.

Former President of the National School Board Association Speaks at McKay School

Mossi White calls herself a crusader for the right of every child to have access to the best public education that the United States can provide.

Maria Zanandrea

Zanandrea, a successful Olympic athlete, credits much of her active lifestyle to growing up on a cattle and grain farm in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"We Want BYU Student Teachers!"

A recent faculty meeting at Jackson Elementary School in Salt Lake City, the site of BYU’s Urban Cohort Program, revealed that BYU student teachers are wanted…

Osguthorpe Explains the Purpose of Education [VIDEO]

Russell T. Osguthorpe, who currently serves as the Director of the BYU Center for Teaching and Learning, was recently featured as a speaker in the Power of…

RTI: Using Data to Teach

“This is a unique group,” stated George Batsche to the educators gathered for the January meeting of Leaders Associates. “The chasm between university and…