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We hope you’ll visit here often to reconnect with the McKay School and with BYU. Join the community of your colleagues by adding your comments, opinions, ideas, and best practices. Share what you’ve learned and what you’ve been doing since you graduated.

Meet the McKay Alumni Board

The David O. McKay School of Education Alumni Board

Shauna Valentine
Gary Seastrand
Nedra Call
Stan Harward
John Wilkinson
Phyllis Bestor
Annette Evans
Bob Gentry
Betsy Ferguson
Linde Wong
Marie Tuttle
Joyce Terry
Sharon Z. De Paula
Patti Greaves
Nancy Livingston
Phyllis Bestor
Rachelle Bolingbroke
Colleen Densley
Susan Huff
Patti Moses
Tim Pead

Mary Anne Prater, Dean
Al Merkley, Assistant dean

MSE Student Alumni Committee 2014-2015

Ashley Anderson

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