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Share tech tips

Tell us how you utilize technology in the classroom.

Tech Tips

Technology is always changing, but that also means educators are finding new applications for technology in the classroom.

Share your best tips on how you’re using technology, or let us know if you’ve seen something useful or new somewhere else for the classroom.

How has it helped your students? Don’t forget to include the details we’ll need to try it for ourselves.

Send your information to

creative thinking

Send snapshots

Show off your bulletin board, creative corner, organizational tips, etc.

Classroom Snapshots

Do you have a successful resource or interest center? How about a effective bulletin board? How do you organize your classroom materials?

Educators wear many hats, and sometimes new ideas can improve productivity and make the many jobs you do a little easier.

Share pictures of your classroom that show what works for you. Attach a digital photo to the email below and provide a brief explanation of your photo and idea and how it’s helped.

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creative thinking

Tell your story

Provide information to suggest you or a friend for a McKay School Alumni Spotlight.

Where Are They Now? Our Alumni Spotlights

What happened to your classmates after graduation? Where are they now and what are they doing?

The McKay School of Education has produced thousands of incredible graduates over the years and we would like to spotlight them.

Send us the name of a McKay school graduate who would be interesting to feature. It could be you, or a friend, a former classmate, or a family member. Give us their name, contact information, when they graduated, and why you are recommending them.

Send the information to