Student Life Information

What is IPTSO?

IPTSO is the IP&T Student Organization.

Current IPTSO officers:

President: Sabrina Huyett
Vice-President: Jessica Cooper
Communications President: Rob Nyland
Secretary: Eric Young
Treasurer: Melissa Warr
Members-at-large: Casey Wright, Laura McAllister


All students who plan to park a car on campus will need to obtain a BYU parking permit. Graduate students may obtain a "G" parking permit by bringing a valid vehicle registration, proof of an emissions test, and their BYU student card to the Parking Services office at 2120 JKB. More information can be found on the BYU Parking and Traffic Services website.

Health Insurance

BYU requires all continuing students to have adequate medical insurance for the duration of their enrollment at BYU. A student health plan is administered through Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators. Students who do not submit proof of private insurance through the Route Y web site before the deadline each year will automatically be enrolled and assessed the appropriate premium (single or married student rate) for the BYU Student Health Plan. Visit the BYU Health Plan website for more information.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is available to all students, their spouses and their children. It is located on the corner of 900 East and University Parkway, near the MTC. Check the BYU Student Health Center site for more information.

The Arts

BYU has several outstanding museums, which house a variety of exhibits. In addition, the BYU Fine Arts and Communications Department hosts many music, dance and theatre performances. Dates, times and ticket prices for specific shows can be found at BYU Performance Exhibit Calendar.


Cougar athletes provide sports fans with plenty of opportunities to enjoy football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer and hockey, just to name a few. See BYU Sports for ticket and scheduling information.

Student Organizations


The Instructional Psychology and Technology Student Organization (IPTSO) sponsors several activities each semester, providing ways for students to get effectively involved in departmental activities.

IPTSO includes every student enrolled in the master's and doctoral programs in Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University. The IPTSO Committee consists of a president, a president-elect, a secretary/treasurer and a faculty advisor. As an organization, IPTSO is committed to promoting the following values in the BYU IP&T program:


IPTSO seeks to provide opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to get to know each other and form lasting bonds both in and outside of academic settings.

Professional Development

Our members are curious and driven, dedicated to lifelong learning and continual growth. IPTSO seeks to provide focused opportunities for students to gain information and experience in pertinent areas outside their program course work.


As an organization, IPTSO feels a responsibility to foster and maintain traditions of recognition, social interaction, and solidarity within our department. We expect traditions to wax and wane, but will strive to establish lasting social, professional, and religious traditions that are representative of the aims of a spiritual education.

  • Soup Kitchen. Every Wednesday following the Seminar, IPTSO sponsors a soup kitchen to provide IP&T students and faculty with opportunities to socialize and network. To assist, contact Peter Rich to sign up to bring soup, rolls, or a dessert for one of the weeks or to donate to the cause.
  • Opening Social. At the beginning of every school year, IPTSO sponsors an opening social for IP&T students, faculty, and their families as an opportunity to meet the families who sacrifice so much for the students in the program. Generally a potluck is part of the event.


In harmony with the educational goals of Brigham Young University and the personal commitments and desires of our members, the IPTSO Committee actively seeks opportunities for students to use their specific skills for the benefit of others in our school, local, national, and global community.


Our hope is that the IPTSO organization will be considered as a resource for students--a responsive resource that contributes meaningfully to a rich graduate experience. Please let us know what we can do to forward these aims. IPTSO meetings are open, and we encourage feedback and suggestions.

Technology Resources

The IP&T Department provides a computer lab in 150 MCKB with four PC and four Macintosh computers. A wide array of productivity software is installed on these computers for graduate student use. Provisions are also made for wired and wireless connection of student laptops to the university network and the Internet. Graduate students also have access to the TEC (Technology, Education, Computing) Lab in 180 MCKB. This lab offers over 60 desktop computers with applications for word processing, graphic manipulation, spreadsheet design, presentation creation, audio and video editing, Internet browsing, and instant messaging. Course-specific software packages are also available. Students may check out digital cameras and camcorders, table computers, external drives, and various scientific probes. Wireless laptop carts may be checked out for classroom use within the building. Videotaping services are available to fulfill course requirements and individual projects.

Stakes and Wards

There are 23 student stakes and over 260 student wards, serving both married and single students. See BYU Stakes and Wards for more information on ward boundaries and meetings times.


BYU offers several housing plans for both single and married students.

Student family housing is available in both Wymount Terrace and Wyview Park. These apartments come fully furnished, and include commons and recreations areas. Rates vary according to the size of the unit. Visit Student Family Housing for more information.

On-campus housing for single students is available in apartment or dorm style. There are numerous locations around campus to choose from. Additional information can be found at On-campus Housing.

Plenty of off-campus BYU-approved housing for singles is available in the Provo area. Family student housing is available off-campus as well. Information on vacancies can be obtained at Off-campus Housing.