Cheering, Lifelong Learning, and Collaborating

The McKay School’s graduation ceremony featured insights from professors and students on the importance of support and idealism

Congratulations to our graduates! In today’s McKay School graduation ceremony, 155 students graduated with bachelor’s degrees, 26 earned with master’s degrees, 11 received doctorates, and nine earned education specialist degrees.


Husband and wife Martin Fujiki and Bonnie Burton, professors in the Department of Communication Disorders, were featured speakers in the August graduation ceremony.

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When you look at the outside of a building, the inner structure isn’t immediately visible. So if you tried to build a replica of the building based on your surface understanding, your version might appear similar but in reality...
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Teaching mathematics can be challenging, especially for new teachers. Having the support of a mentor can ease the pressure when a new teacher attempts to balance the demands that accompany teaching.
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If you think the largest desert in the world is the Sahara, think again. Actually, the largest desert is Antarctica. Surprised? Antarctica is the world's driest place, with very little water available in liquid form.
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Teachers are more effective when they are engaged emotionally in the work of teaching, says Robert Bullough, a professor in the McKay School of Education.
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Many Utahans think of pioneers in images of ox teams, covered wagons and handcarts. Yet the IP&T course taught by Andy Gibbons recently completed a project that emphasizes not only what they did, but who they were: people with extraordinary characteristics and incredible faith.
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