Fostering Belonging: Inclusion, Friendship, and People with Disabilities

Erik Carter, PhD, from Vanderbilt University presented at the 14th Annual Marjorie Pay Hinckley Lecture

To help us truly love our neighbors as ourselves, Carter outlined 10 ways to help individuals with disabilities gain a sense of belonging in our communities, schools, and places of worship.

Fujiki Appointed Associate Editor for Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools

As an associate editor of LSHSS, Fujiki will oversee the review of manuscripts in the area of social communication.

NSF Grant Awarded to BYU Research Team

Davies and fellow project investigators Alan Parkinson, C. Greg Jensen, and Spencer Magleby, all of the engineering college, were awarded a $175,000 grant by…

Monroe Helps Advance Quality Education for Indian Students in Montana

The Department of Teacher Education (TEd) at BYU aims to prepare competent, caring, and reflective educators who contribute to the growth and development of…

McKay School and Harold B. Lee Library Collaborate to Promote Literacy Among Families [VIDEO]

The McKay School of Education is collaborating with the Harold B. Lee Library in a joint family literacy project this year.

Measuring Autism: A Problem of Epidemic Proportions

Autism spectrum disorder is now diagnosed in 1 in 91 children (1 in 58 boys), according to the Center for Disease Control.