Thesis & Dissertation Aids

McKay School of Education Checklist for Formats and Conventions of Theses and Dissertations

This document describes the important writing and formatting requirements of the MSE and BYU Graduate Studies. Each student must submit the completed checklist to the dean's office with their thesis/dissertation for approval.

  • MSE Thesis & Dissertation Approval Process

    This flowchart lays out the various stages of approval your paper will have to pass through once you’ve submitted it to the Dean’s Office.

  • Thesis Template

    This document serves as a model for formatting a journal-ready thesis and includes all formatting required by BYU and APA. Check with your department for specific guidelines.

  • Scheduling Your Thesis/Dissertation Defense Meeting

    This table is an example of the steps you need to take to schedule your final oral exam. Check with your department for specific guidelines.


Creating and Uploading Your Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD)

Please see the Graduate Studies website for information and guidelines regarding your ETD. You can watch these video tutorials created by the office of IT for further instruction.


APA for Novices: A Struggling Student's Guide to Theses, Dissertations, and Advanced Course Papers by Sharon Black (2016)

The following text can be downloaded and used as a guide. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you look over this before you begin the writing process. It has been updated to reflect APA 6th Edition Guidelines. You can also download the full text here.


APA for Novices

Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1Hoops and Barriers: Things That Shouldn't Matter, But Do
Chapter 2: Crafts and Puzzles: Bringing All Parts into Place
Chapter 3The Papers Trail: Controlling Your Reference Base
Chapter 4The Fine Art of Sentencing: Who Did What? - and How?
Chapter 5Hurdles: Avoiding Clashes and Crashes
Chapter 6Small Stressors: Common Grammar and Usage Errors

External Editors

The following individuals can be hired to support students in the formatting and writing process. It is not mandatory to hire an editor. Average prices range from $15-20 per hour ($1-3 per page equivalent). Inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement by the McKay School of Education.

NameEmailPhone Number
Margaret 766-5147
Olivia 438-3889
Dustin 271-0204
Jessica 773-3487
Kayla 928-5960
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