Following are video series and interactive video ethnography cases that relate to important topics in the TELL Endorsement program. Each case has multiple perspectives (in audio and text) so you can develop in depth understanding of its topic.

TELL 400 Foundations in Education for English Language Learners

  1. Foundations of Bilingual Education (Video)
  2. Bilingual/ESL Program and Practice Case (Interactive)

TELL 410 Second Language Acquisition

  1. Understanding Language Acquisition (Video)
  2. Second Language Acquisition Case (Interactive)

TELL 420 Assessing Linguistically Diverse Students

  1. Assessment for Linguistically Diverse Students (Video)
  2. Assessment Literacy Case (Interactive)

TELL 430 Developing K-12 Literacy in a Second Language

  1. Developing Second Language Literacy (Video)
  2. Adolescent Literacy Case (Interactive)
  3. Second Language Literacy Case (Interactive)
  4. Middle Level Literacy Case--Language Arts (Interactive)

TELL 440 Content-Based Language Instruction

    1. Teaching Alive Case (Interactive)
    2. Sheri Galaza Pre-School Case (Interactive)
    3. Lucia Villarreal Case (Interactive)
    1. Teaching Alive Case (Interactive)
    2. Craig Cleveland Case--High School Social Science (Interactive)
    3. Mara Mills Case--High School Science (Interactive)

TELL 450 Family, School, and Community Partnerships

  1. Family, School, and Community Partnerships (Video)
  2. Second Language Parent and Family Involvement Case (Interactive)

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