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This major is designed to provide each student with the necessary content knowledge and instructional skills to become a certified physical educator and coach.

The program uses an innovative approach based on the latest research and creative thinking. Core courses are taught in conjunction with pedagogy (teaching methods) courses, permitting students to see the application to teaching. Students will learn to perform a variety of sport and recreation activities.

PETE Experiential Learning Award

The purpose of the PETE Experiential Learning Award is twofold: 1) to support undergraduate students who wish to participate in ongoing research under the direction of one or more of the PETE faculty with the intended outcome of a publishable scholarly paper with students as co-authors, and 2) to provide undergraduate students with a non-research experiential learning opportunity. Click the following link to learn more:


  1. Declare the PETE Pre-Major
    • See a program advisor in the Education Advisement Center (350 MCKB) to declare
  2. Complete a fingerprint background clearance
  3. Complete these courses:
  4. Review GPA and ACT/SAT scores with a program advisor

How to Apply

  • Register for a free account on the Educator application system
  • Start a Physical Education program application
  • Complete the admissions checklist in the application
  • Submit the application before the February 15 deadline for entry in fall semester
  • You will need to order a teaching uniform after you have been accepted into the program

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Graduation Requirements

  • 64.5-67.5 major credits
  • 12 weeks student teaching OR full-year internship
  • Praxis || exam
  • Application for Licensure with the Utah state Board of Education

After all the requirements for the Physical Education degree have been completed and diplomas are posted (about 3-4 weeks after graduation), students are recommended for licensure in the state of Utah. The Education Advisement Center will then email students instructions to complete the licensure process with the Utah State Board of Education.

Application Deadline:Feb 15
 350 MCKB