Professor’s Research Inspires UNESCO Report on Global Education

Read Time: 2.5 minutes
In 2019, Professor Donald Baum completed a research fellowship with UNESCO. His work and findings informed the focus of this year…

Getting to Know Our New Dean, Richard Osguthorpe

Read Time: 4 minutes
10 Questions to help get to know Richard Osguthorpe, the new dean of the BYU McKay School of Education.

Praise and Affirmation: A Key to Improving Students' On-Task Behavior

Read Time: 5 minutes
Paul Caldarella (CPSE), PhD, finds in a BYU study that praising middle school students improves on-task behavior by up to 70%.…

Keeping Culture Alive Through Education

Read Time: 2 minutes
Charles Naumu, '69, was a principal at a Hawaiian language immersion school.

Bringing Science to Life Across the South Pacific

Read Time: 3 Minutes
Pago Pago Afualo, ’61, taught science and mathematics in both Samoa and Hawai’i following his graduation from the BYU College of…

Native American Curriculum Initiative to Receive $40,000 Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts

Read Time: 3 minutes
The BYU ARTS Partnership will receive a $40,000 grant for various projects to support the Native American Curriculum Initiative (…

McKay School Alumna Receives Granite School District's 2021 Excel Award

Read Time: 5 minutes
Cynthia Pearson was named as one of ten recipients in Granite School District for the Excel Award, her district’s top honor.

Richard Osguthorpe Will Be New Dean of McKay School

BYU Alum Brings Leadership, Experience in Moral Foundations of Education to New Position

Richard Osguthorpe has been named dean of the McKay School of Education at Brigham Young University. A graduate of BYU who holds master's and doctoral…

Graduates Directed to ‘Go Forth to Serve’

Speakers Exhort McKay School Graduates to Find Opportunities to Serve and Teach

Speakers Miriam Flinders Parker and Shelby Slocum direct their fellow graduates to find ways to serve those around them by emulating Christ—the Master Teacher.

Culture Meets Counseling: Bango Gancinia

McKay Graduate Receiving PhD in Counseling Psychology After Helping Develop Cultural Practice

McKay School PhD graduate Bango Gancinia’s Hawaiian roots have led to his pursuit of incorporating spiritual, cultural, and humorous elements into his…

Almost Four Decades of BYU–Public School Partnership Success

BYU–Public School Partnership Gives Keynote Address After Winning 2020 Award from NAPDS

The BYU–Public School Partnership received an award from NAPDS for their exemplary work as a professional development school. Now, over a year later, they are…

McKay School Announces Second Virtual Graduation

BYU McKay School to Hold Graduation as a Virtual Ceremony Again This Year

In line with Brigham Young University’s virtual graduation, BYU’s McKay School of Education will hold an on-demand virtual celebration for all of its graduates…

Five BYU Programs in Top 100, BYU McKay School Ranked 73 in U.S. News and World Report Ranking

The BYU McKay School of Education ranks no. 73 in U.S. News and World Report, moving up 11 spots. Speech-language pathology program at 63.

The BYU McKay School of Education ranks as 73 U.S. News and World Report, moving up 11 spots. Our speech-language pathology program held steady at 63.

UASP Honors Three McKay School Alums, Professor

Association of School Psychologists Recognizes Work, Dedication, Leadership, and Mentoring of 2021 Award Recipients

McKay School represented well as Association of School Psychologists recognizes work, dedication, leadership, and mentoring of 2021 award recipients.

Sit with Me: Anthony Bates’s Remarks from the March Against Racism

Before you stand with me, or any of my sisters and brothers, you have to sit with us first.

This is a revised version by Anthony Bates of remarks that he gave at the March Against Racism held on Saturday, June 13, 2020, at the Historic County…

Free Workshop Is Pandemic Substitute for Autism Conference

Online Presentation Will Help Families, Teachers Boost Independence and Task Completion in People With Autism

Following along with a series of images that illustrate how to accomplish a task can help people with autism independently complete school work and chores, or…

ComD Professor Elected President of BYU Faculty Women’s Association

Lee Robinson to Serve on BYU FWA Board A Third Time

Lee Robinson, associate clinical professor and director of the BYU Speech and Language Clinic, was recently named president-elect of the BYU Faculty Women’s…

A Superintendent’s Career and Experience with COVID-19

A Superintendent’s Thoughts on How COVID-19 Is an Opportunity to Do Better and Ensure Student Success.

“Amidst the constantly changing conditions of this pandemic, we have an opportunity to really look at how we structure education and focus on where we could…

EdLF Professor Organizes Conference on Civil Rights and Education Finance for NEFA

Spencer Weiler, EdLF Professor and NEFA President-Elect, Participates in an Education Finance Conference on Civil Rights.

Spencer Weiler, EdLF professor and NEFA president-elect, participates in education finance conference on civil rights and equity.

ComD Chair Earns Prestigious ASHA Fellowship

Christopher Dromey Becomes Fourth BYU Professor to Become ASHA Fellow

Christopher Dromey, PhD, has become an ASHA Fellow, one of the highest honors from the premier professional organization for speech-language pathologists.

School Psychology Student Receives 2020 UASP Scholarship

Christopher Mosqueda Receives UASP Minority Student Scholarship

“Christopher’s comfortable and confident manner strengthens his ability to connect with youth, particularly defiant and angry youth. He has much to offer those…

Expect to be Challenged

Erin Cranor paves her own path as she pursues a joint graduate degree in law and school leadership.

Having a history of being a trailblazer, EdLF graduate student Erin Cranor is working towards a joint juris doctor degree and master’s in school leadership…

From ‘Hapa’ to ‘Complete’: A Story of Embracing All Parts of Your Ethnic Identity

Exploring the Relationship Between Ethnic Identity and Physical Activity with PETE Graduate Nathan Kahaiali’i

By sharing his research findings and his journey of self-discovery, Nathan Kahaiali’i hopes to motivate youth to embrace their ethnic identities and stay…

Three Types of Books to Get Your Family through Quarantine

The Quarantine Guide to Bibliotherapy

Though no books exist (yet) about making homemade masks or running out of toilet paper, there are still plenty of children’s books to help your little ones…

Building Latino Leaders

EdLF alumnus José Enriquez shares how his education experience is helping him build future leaders.

José Enriquez, EdLF alumnus and co-founder of Latinos in Action, is cultivating an environment to grow the next generations of leaders.

Graduates Hear Messages of Hope at Online Convocation

Future educators are encouraged to take the COVID-19 pandemic as a learning experience.

BYU McKay School graduates tuned in from around the world in an unprecedented virtual ceremony, where they were encouraged to “seek to learn before they seek…

Five Art Activities You Can Do At Home

From the BYU ARTS Partnership, here are five art activities you can do at home.

With over 70 lessons to choose from, the BYU ARTS Partnership presents 5 art activities you can do in your home.

McKay School Announces Online Graduation Ceremony

In the wake of COVID-19, the McKay School’s graduation committee prepares a convocation “like none before.”

This year the traditional convocation ceremony will be replaced with a creative celebration on the MSE website featuring a series of videos, along with a gift…

An Influential Career That Just Won't Stop

Luana Searle paved the way for women in education administration, and then kept working another 22 years after her retirement.

Luana Searle paved the way for women in education administration, and then kept working another 22 years after her retirement.

Graduate Student Tristin Hampshire ‘Finds Her Voice’ in Speech-Language Pathology

How she went from Googling “fulfilling jobs” to presenting at speech-language pathology’s premier educational event

Working in veteran hospitals and classrooms, presenting at the largest conference in speech pathology, and authoring an award-winning, pioneer study on the…

International Impact

EdLF faculty and two BYU students visited educators at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

Macleans Geo-JaJa, Pam Hallam, and two BYU students traveled to Uganda to meet with educators at Makerere University and women from Masaka.

Shaping the Future of Education Law Scholarship

The Education and Law Journal focuses on legal issues in school systems and plays a prominent role in educational scholarship.

The Education and Law Journal serves as a forum for legal professionals and students from across the country to share diverse viewpoints.

“This is Key”: Highlights from the 2020 Autism Translational Research Workshop

Autism professionals outlined the key ingredients for helping children and adults on the spectrum

Whether at home, at school, or in therapy, there are little things that can make a difference when working with children with ASD.

A Tasty Art Show

The Student Art Gallery in the McKay School Showcases Food-Inspired Art from Lakeview Elementary

Sponsored by the BYU ARTS Partnership, the Student Art Gallery on the second floor of the McKay school will showcase art from students in the BYU-Public School…

The BYU–Public School Partnership Receives National Award for Work as a Professional Development School

The BYU–Public School Partnership is honored by the NAPDS for work as a professional development school.

The BYU–Public School Partnership recently received the “Exemplary PDS Achievement” award for improving Utah public education at the National Association for…

Praising Students in a Classroom Setting Has Big Impact on Their Behavior

New research shows that as student praise increases, compared to reprimands they receive, so does their productivity in the classroom.

"Everyone values being praised and recognized for their endeavors - it is a huge part of nurturing children's self-esteem and confidence,"…

CPSE Research: How Books Can Help Children Cope with Military Deployment

Bibliotherapy may help children cope with parental deployment, CPSE research suggests.

Children’s books can be a great resource for children coping with deployed parents.

2020 Dolly Gray Award Winner

The Dolly Gray Award Recognizes Gill Lewis for Authentic Portrayal of Child with Autism

Dean Mary Anne Prater and Tina Taylor created the Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award in 1999 to recognize authors, illustrators, and publishers for…

Psychology Meets Storytelling Meets Music: The Learning Edge Conference

The Learning Edge Conference Hosted USC Psychology Professor Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Storyteller Bil Lepp, and Singer Alex Boyé.

Psychology professor Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, storyteller Bil Lepp, and musical sensation Alex Boyé united at the recent Learning Edge Conference to…

Jump In! Reap the Benefits of EdD

Casey Peterson shares how obtaining an EdD has propelled him into a career full of service and leadership.

Casey Peterson, BYU Associate Dean of Students, discusses how committing to the EdLF program has given him opportunities to serve and to lead.

Education From on High

Professors Isaac Calvert and Buddy Richards took students to visit the Kirtland, Ohio, area and places of learning and worship at the University of Pittsburgh.

Isaac Calvert, Buddy Richards, and 12 undergraduate students discovered the sanctity of learning through visiting other faiths’ places of worship.

BYU Represents United States at China Education Conference

Dean Prater and members of the McKay School gathered in Zhuhai, China with educators from China and around the world at the fifth annual China Education…

McKay School Grad Student Wins Chase Rubin Scholarship

School Psychology Student Tina Grubb Wins National Scholarship

School psychology student and former rugby player Tina Grubb talks about the true value of a college education.

Want Your Kids to be More Resilient and Empathetic? Try Sports, New Study Says

Encouraging teenagers to participate in sports could help them face challenges now and in the future.

Encouraging teenagers to participate in sports could help them face challenges now and in the future.

Teaching, Learning, and Carpooling with a Best Friend

Middle School Teachers and Best Friends Kory Crockett and Joseph Olson Pursue MEds Together

Kory Crockett and Joseph Olson’s strong friendship helps them manage being full-time teachers, full-time fathers, and part-time students as they pursue MEds at…

EdLF Interns Collaborate with School District in Houston, Texas

Educational Leadership Students Intern in Houston with the Aldine ISD Summer Escape Program

Working with the Aldine ISD Summer Escape Program in Houston, Texas, three BYU educational leadership students learn the value of listening to students,…

Professor Baum Partners on UN Research Project

Donald Baum Works with UNESCO in Paris to Research Early Education in Developing Countries

Donald Baum, professor and director for the MEd education policy studies emphasis, was awarded a 2019 UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship to produce new research for…

Michael Leonard Named McKay School Assistant Dean of External Relations

Leonard brings a strong background in education with experience teaching and directing external relations

Michael Leonard has joined the David O. McKay School of Education as assistant dean for external relations. He brings a strong background in education with…

Lifting Others as a Student, Administrator, and Board Member—Meet Liz Darger

Liz Darger Uses Doctoral Program to Help Student-Athletes and Young Women

Liz Darger, an athletic administrator at BYU, uses her doctoral program to refocus on helping her student-athletes and lift young women as a member of the…

Arts Express Inspires Teachers to Integrate Global Art Forms in Classroom Lessons

The 2019 Arts Express Conference encourages teachers to integrate global art forms into all school subjects.

With more than fifty breakout sessions and topics ranging from Japanese Bunraku puppetry to Turkish marble painting to inclusion for those on the autism…

Communication Disorders Professor Receives Prestigious National Award

Bonnie Brinton Is the Third BYU Professor to Receive Prestigious ASHA Award

Bonnie Brinton will be the third BYU professor to receive Honors of the Association from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.

Kawika Allen Elected Leader of APA Multicultural Division

Kawika Allen is Secretary-Elect for APA Division 45

The CPSE professor has always seen research through the lens of culture; now as secretary-elect in APA Division 45, he can help others do the same.

How Big Data Can Answer Big Questions about School Spending in Utah

The Utah State Auditor’s Office Explains How to Ask Better Questions about School Spending

The EDLF department is collaborating with the Utah State Auditor and his team, who are using big data analytics to reimagine school spending.

Christopher Dromey Announced as New Communication Disorders Department Chair

Christopher Dromey to Serve as Department Chair a Second Time

Dromey will replace Martin Fujiki, effective in July.

An Advocate for Autism—Heather Smith Beatie (‘80)

Propelled to learn about autism after her daughter’s diagnosis,  Heather Beatie shares her knowledge with others.

Heather Smith Beatie chose to be a stay-at-home mother when she found out her daughter, Melissa, had autism. Her background in education helped her find the…

Professor Gabrielsen is a Hero for Autism. Here’s Why.

Award-winning professor Terisa Gabrielsen talks about what BYU is doing to contribute to autism research

School psychology professor Terisa Gabrielsen wins two awards and talks about what BYU is doing to help individuals with autism—from toddlers to teens.

Meet Asian-American and Pacific Islander Students in the McKay School

Get to Know Our Asian-American and Pacific Islander Students

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Meet some of the McKay School’s very own, with ancestry from Hawaii to Japan!

Graduate Student Wins UASP Diversity Scholarship

Leah Hardy receives Utah scholarship for school psychologists

Arizona-native Leah Hardy is a scholarship winner, a thoughtful student, and an aspiring school psychologist with a passion for aiding the underrepresented.

McKay School Grad Student Shows How School Psychologists Can Fight for Vaccines

School psychologists can—and should—do more to educate parents about vaccines

In her recent article directed toward school psychologists in Utah, graduate student Carly Atchley looks at why parents in Utah don’t vaccinate their children…

Stay Close to Your Passions—Amber Robinson (’09)

Robinson follows her passions and pursues a nontraditional career in education

Shaped by her early childhood education major, Robinson pursues an education-centered career outside of the traditional elementary classroom

The 150th Anniversary of the Golden Spike Unites History and the Arts in Elementary Classrooms

BYU ARTS Partnership creates lessons which use the arts to teach students about the Transcontinental Railroad

To celebrate the 150-year anniversary of the golden spike, BYU ARTS Partnership created six lessons which use art, music, dance, and theater to teach students…

Learning in Sacred Spaces

Professors Isaac Calvert and Buddy Richards took students to visit the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh

Isaac Calvert, Buddy Richards, and four undergraduate students explored the value of learning in sacred spaces at the Cathedral of Learning’s Nationality Rooms.

Graduates Advised to Follow Christ’s Example of Teaching

More than 450 students graduated from the McKay School

Graduates were instructed by speakers Samantha Muñoz, Cassy Lewis, and Richard C. Nielsen.

Love for a Sister Leads to Passion for Special Education Research

McKay School Grad's Animated Autism Project

Bruna Goncalves uses a fish named Marla to help children with autism learn and practice conversational skills.

The Power of Perseverance

Associate dean of the Student Athlete Academic Center, Trevor Wilson, reflects on his experiences in the EdD program as a recent graduate

Recent graduate Trevor Wilson talks about how his experiences in the EdD program have helped him understand the power of perseverance.

Ronald Gallimore Lecture

What is the best way to improve teaching?

Ronald Gallimore helps empower students to create change.

Benjamin Cluff Jr. Annual Lecture

Judy Montgomery speaks about our “Resilient, Unruly Language”

Judy Montgomery shares insights into the English language at the Benjamin Cluff Jr. Annual Lecture.

Graduation Speakers Announced for McKay School’s April 2019 Convocation

Addresses will include keynote speaker Richard C. Nielsen and two graduating students.

This April’s convocation will include talks from graduates Samantha Munoz, Cassalene Lewis and keynote Richard C. Nielsen.

Mentored Research Conference 2019

McKay School faculty and students showcase research.

The annual Mentored Research Conference enhanced many opportunities for students to learn at the McKay School.

Making Ripples with Red Pens

Cregg Ingram's legacy has rippled through generations.

Former McKay School Professor, Cregg Ingram, has made a profound impact on generations of students. This tribute highlights just a few people who were inspired…

From the Schoolhouse to the Jailhouse

3MT winner Elisse Newey explains her dissertation

Elisse Newey, winner of the 3MT competition at BYU explains what her winning dissertation is about, the process she went through to write it, and what she…

EdLF Members Visit South African Universities

Pam Hallam and Macleans Geo-JaJa traveled to South Africa to collaborate with two universities

The group discussed topics ranging from inclusion to multilingualism in their meetings with University of the Western Cape and Stellenbosch University.

EdLF Well-Represented at the Mentored Research and Experiential Learning Conference

Six faculty members and seven students from the EdLF department participated in the annual McKay School Mentored Research Conference

EdLF topics ranged from sacred educational spaces to integration of refugee youths in Utah.

Scholarly Presentations

EdLF students and faculty presentations throughout the past semester

From Hawaii to Africa, EdLF students and faculty are exploring education through a global lens this past semester

Accessibility and US School Websites

Royce Kimmons found out how US schools struggle with website accessibility issues.

Royce Kimmons, McKay School instructional psychology and technology assistant professor, led a research study on how accessible K–12 websites are to people…

Tim Smith Bestowed Fellow Status

Division 45 of the APA awarded Smith with this status

Learn more about Smith's recent accomplishment.

A Love for Learning

EdLF alumnus Sam Brown shares why he has a love for learning and how he has created a culture to encourage others to do the same

Sam Brown, director of the International Student and Scholar Services and EdLF alumnus, discusses how the skills he learned in the EdLF program have helped…

Abundance of Arts Resources Provided to Schools

More than 350 schools in Utah have received binders full of materials, strategies, contacts, and resources that will contribute to the building up of arts-rich…

Neuroscience of Autism

'A Way Cool Way to Be': BYU Team Gains Insights Into Understudied Group of Children With Autism

Getting an MRI can spark anxiety, especially for children with autism. Learn how BYU researchers made them comfortable with the process.

Helen Foster Snow: A Diplomatic Legacy with China

12 Chinese delegates recently traveled to BYU to remember Helen Foster Snow’s historic involvement with China

The China Society for People’s Friendship Studies sent a delegation to BYU this October to retrace the footsteps of Helen Foster Snow, learn about her spirit,…

Learning to Lead

Jodi Chowen, managing director of Advising & Careers at BYU, is becoming a better leader through BYU’s education doctorate program

When she’s not guiding the University Career Services office, Jodi Chowen is working on her education doctorate in Educational Leadership and Foundations.

Small Town, Big Tech, Big Names

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump recently visited Wilder School District, where EdLF alumnus Jonathan Carlisle is a principal

Wilder School District in Idaho is a pilot school district for a radically different style of teaching—one that merited a visit from Apple CEO Tim Cook and…

Collective Teacher Efficacy Matters

EdLF Chair Pamela Hallam mentored two EdD students studying collective efficacy in schools in New Zealand

EdD students Karen Strong and Jason Benson traveled to New Zealand with their dissertation chair, Pam Hallam, to study the role of collective efficacy in…

Don’t Quit!

Clayton Middle School in Salt Lake City is now home to a new $100,000 fitness center

The National Foundation for Governors' Fitness Councils worked with Utah Governor Gary Herbert to award Clayton Middle School a brand new $100,000 “DON’T…

Future of Teachers’ Unions in Question

Visiting scholar Bradley Marianno expounded on the effect of the Janus case on teachers’ unions

The EdLF Department hosted Bradley Marianno, visiting scholar from UNLV, to discuss his research exploring the effect of the Janus case on teachers’ unions in…

Andy Gibbons’ Lifetime of Work Recognized

AECT presented Andy Gibbons with the J. Michael Spector Appreciation Award at the 2018 annual convention

Andy Gibbons was given the J. Michael Spector Appreciation Award, which recognizes members who have provided exemplary long-term service and leadership to AECT…

Teaching as a Sacred Act: Isaac Calvert Shares His Expertise

Meet the new assistant professor in the EdLF department

Isaac Calvert is a new assistant professor in the EdLF Department. His areas of expertise include teaching and learning practices, philosophy of education,…

Four New Displays Installed in the David O. McKay Building

These new displays highlight the purpose of the McKay School of Education

Be sure to walk the halls of the McKay Building to experience these displays for yourself!

Teacher Diversity Suffers in the Mountain West States

Michael Hansen, PhD, presented on the region’s increasing need for a diverse teacher workforce

The need for teachers of color is most compelling in the Mountain West region, where demographic trends point to large population swings to come. In this…

The Place Where Culture, Spirituality, and Psychotherapy Meet

The Polynesian American Psychology Research (Poly Psi) Team traveled to American Samoa and New Zealand this summer to conduct research

The McKay School’s Poly Psi Team traveled to American Samoa and New Zealand this summer to conduct research on spiritual, cultural, and indigenous ways of…

Past and Present Converge in Peru

An educational work trip became an incredible family reunion for McKay School student Christopher Cardenas

The trip to Arequipa, Peru, began as an opportunity for McKay School faculty to work with college professors there and quickly transformed into an unexpected…

McKay School Faculty Recognized with Achievement Awards

Faculty members received awards for their outstanding achievements at the 2018 University Conference and at a McKay School event

McKay School faculty were recognized with achievement awards at the 2018 University Conference and a McKay School event.

The 2018 Kaha Nui Summit

Koau Eni: It is me. I am here. I am ready.

The fourth annual Kaha Nui Summit encouraged BYU’s Polynesian undergraduate students to reach their full potential through graduate-level education.

Bittersweet Goodbyes

Alumni, friends, and family gathered to wish Katie Steed good luck on her new position.

Friends, family, and alumni gathered to wish Katie Steed, former McKay School professor, good luck on her new assignment as the Disabilities Specialist Manager…

New Employees of the McKay School

The McKay School has many new employees this fall.

Amid this year’s construction, new classrooms, and office relocations, many new faces have popped up around the McKay School.

McKay School Convocation August 2018

McKay School graduates celebrated scholastic achievements and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Graduates celebrated their scholastic achievements and listened to inspiring speeches at Convocation. There were 257 degrees awarded which included 191…

The Least of These

McKay School master’s graduate Cade Dopp helps education in Ghana through his nonprofit, Educell.

Through faculty mentorship and the drive to make a difference in the world, Cade Dopp has begun a robust educational program in the country of Ghana where they…

Graduation Speakers Announced

Two students and a McKay School administrator will speak at graduation convocation, August 2018.

At this August's graduation convocation, there will be two students, Kimberly Ellsworth and Hannah Stokes, and one administrator, Al Merkley, speaking.

Have You Caught the Reading Bug?

If participants hadn't caught the reading bug before, they did after two days at the 31st annual BYU Symposium on Books for Young Readers.

Authors, artists, educators, and editors came together for two days to hear from and be instructed by six different nationally recognized illustrators and…

31st BYU Symposium on Books for Young Readers

Book Recommendations for Young Readers

At the 31st BYU Symposium on Books for Young Readers, book enthusiasts Kathleen Pope, Cassy Lewis, Teri Dean, and Gene Nelson shared book recommendations. This…

Feed the Shepherds, Lead the Sheep

The annual Latter-day Saint Educators Association Conference inspired Latter-day Saint educators to teach in the Savior's way

The conference was for all Latter-day Saint educators: university level, primary and secondary school teachers, Seminary, Institute, Primary, and other…

Women TEDx speakers receive more polarized comments than men

BYU education professors Royce Kimmons and Ross Larsen, along with three other co-authors, found that though most comments on TEDx and TED-Ed videos are…

Sparking Creativity

This year’s annual Arts Express conference equipped teachers with tools to bring creativity into their classrooms

Through a series of workshops, activities, and keynote addresses, educators not only ignited the child inside of them once again, but they also learned how to…

Carmen Deedy: Author and Storyteller

Carmen Deedy's Journey as a Storyteller and a New York Times Bestselling Author

Carmen Deedy inspired hundreds of elementary school teachers at this year’s Arts Express. We had the opportunity to catch up with her and learn about her…

Three Things to Know About Enrique Feldman

Decorated musician Enrique Feldman tells McKay School staff about his journey to success.

Enrique’s path to music has been years in the making. At the age of four he began playing the piano while his mother exposed him to classical pieces by Mozart…

Students and Faculty Shine at Mentored Research Conference

Mentored students presented and competed for prize money at the largest Mentored Research Conference to date

A record-setting 101 teams of students and faculty participated in the 2018 Mentored Research Conference. Teams submitted research-based posters to compete for…

McKay School Student Joins Fellowship Community

Marcie Calder, school psychology student, received the Services for Transition Age Youth Fellowship

Marcie Calder was selected for support under the Minority Fellowship Program Services for Transition Age Youth (STAY) fellowship. Along with a generous stipend…

Graduates Instructed to Focus on Relationships and Service

Nearly 400 students graduated from the McKay School

Graduates were instructed by speakers Allison Barney, Jaelynn Horton, and Robert V. Bullough Jr.

McKay School’s Book Connoisseur

A lifelong dedication to children’s literature

Terrell Young has loved books since he was a child. Now, after dedicating his career to children’s literature, he will have the opportunity to serve in…

BYU Represented Well at Utah CEC Conference

Awards given to three individuals with ties to BYU

BYU student Kurt Cottle received the Jeanette Misaka SCEC Student of the Year Award; BYU faculty Heidi Nelson received the Hilda B. Jones Special Educator of…

Graduation Speakers Announced for the McKay School’s April 2018 Convocation

Speakers for the McKay School’s April 2018 convocation include Professor Bullough and two graduating students

This April’s convocation will include talks from graduates Allison Barney and Jaelynn Horton, and the main address will be given by Professor Robert V.…

Inspiring Learning for Special Educators in Tampa

20 McKay School students attended the CEC special education convention this year

The McKay School’s Counseling Psychology and Special Education Department sent 20 students to have the rare opportunity to participate in the Council for…

George Sugai, PhD, Presents Benjamin Cluff Jr. Annual Lecture

A discussion on the importance of schools in supporting academic and social success of all students

George Sugai, PhD, presented at the McKay School’s Benjamin Cluff Jr. Annual Lecture on March 22, 2018. Sugai discussed the importance of schools in supporting…

New Design Thinking Minor Now Available

Four disciplines cross paths in this collaborative new minor

Students and faculty from the Instructional Psychology and Technology Department, the Department of Design, the Department of Experience Design and Management…

Student Seeks to Improve Learning with Technology

McKay School student researched how teachers can use technology in the classrooms to benefit their students.

Elementary education major Sydney Boyer researched how teachers integrate technology into their curriculum to engage students in meaningful learning.

Fostering Belonging: Inclusion, Friendship, and People with Disabilities

Erik Carter, PhD, from Vanderbilt University presented at the 14th Annual Marjorie Pay Hinckley Lecture

To help us truly love our neighbors as ourselves, Carter outlined 10 ways to help individuals with disabilities gain a sense of belonging in our communities,…

BYU IP&T Among Top Six Programs in the Nation

Study published comparing leading instructional design and technology programs in the country

The published study explores the academic productivity of universities in the field of instructional design and technology according to three types of publicly…

BYU to Host Fifth Annual Autism Translational Research Workshop

Two days dedicated to discussing the tough topics of autism research

Featured sessions during the two-day conference will cover interactions with law enforcement, sex education, aggression, and digital addictions. Other…

BCBA Certification Recently Added to BYU Special Education Master’s Degree

Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2018

BYU special education master’s degree students can take the the required coursework to meet eligibility standards to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst…

Understanding and Healing from Sexual Trauma

BYU Victim Advocate Lisa M. Leavitt discussed sexual trauma, resources available to students, and the healing process

The David O. McKay School of Education and the School of Nursing hosted BYU Victim Advocate Lisa M. Leavitt who discussed sexual trauma, the healing process,…

Lois Hetland Encourages Education Leaders to Implement the Arts in Schools

Project Zero affiliate Lois Hetland shares the Studio Habits of Mind at the Learning Edge Conference

Lois Hetland explains how art education can help students make connections between other school subjects, creating a more expansive learning experience.

Teaching through Text Messages

IP&T Master’s Student Cade Dopp Brings Tech to Education in Rural Ghana

BYU IP&T master’s student Cade Dopp spent July 2017 in a small village in Ghana piloting a text message-based tutoring system with junior high students.…

Third Annual Kaha Nui Summit Looks Beyond Four-year Degrees

Ifo Pili, MPA, shares life experiences and inspires students to seek graduate degrees

This year the Kaha Nui Summit focused on encouraging BYU students to learn, connect, and be inspired to prepare for post-baccalaureate work. Keynote speaker…

Promoting the Arts: The Learning Edge Conference

Education leaders discuss methods of using arts education to improve their schools

CITES is gearing up for its fifth annual Learning Edge Conference, where school administrators will gather to learn about the importance of arts education.

2017 BYU NSSLHA Halloween Carnival Is Scary Fun

Student volunteers and BYU Speech Clinic clients celebrate the spooky season together with fall activities

The 2017 BYU NSSLHA Halloween Carnival was held on October 26 on BYU campus. BYU Speech Clinic clients and their families enjoyed various fall-themed…

McKay School Welcomes Five New Professors

New faculty come with strong academic and practical experience

New faculty come with strong academic and practical experience

Student Teaching During Hurricane Harvey

Shelby Ward, a senior from the McKay School of Education, was student teaching in Houston, Texas, during Hurricane Harvey.

Ward recounted her experiences before, during, and after Hurricane Harvey and the hardships Texans have been facing.

Stefinee Pinnegar Presented 2017 Sponsored Research Recognition Award

Award honors years of research through the McKay School’s partnership with public schools

Pinnegar was awarded for her extensive involvement in securing a grant for 15 consecutive years. The grant provides professional development for education…

EdLF in China

Four interns participated in the first EdLF administrative internship program in China

Four excited students from the McKay School’s Educational Leadership and Foundations (EdLF) program were able to experience the department’s first…

Speakers Announced for McKay School’s August Graduation

Students and professors will speak during the McKay School’s August graduation ceremony

McKay School students Kylie Lucas and Melissa Burton and Professors Martin Fujiki and Bonnie Brinton will address graduates and their families on Friday,…

Resumption of the EPSF Program

The resumption of the EPSF master's program will take place this upcoming fall semester.

The David O. McKay School of Education is excited to announce the resumption of the Education Policy and Social Foundations (EPSF) program, a rigorous two-year…

Heating Up Miller Field

BYU baseball is replacing the grass field with an all-artificial turf and installing a heater underneath

The project began in June and is expected to be finished by the beginning of fall semester. Construction crews have torn out the natural grass and will be…

The Field Is White: 11 Years in the Making

Carol Wilkinson has spent the past 11 years writing a book that shares the stories of early converts from the Three Counties in England.

The Field Is White: Harvest in the Three Counties of England by Carol Wilkinson, McKay School associate professor, and Cynthia Doxey Green hit bookshelves mid-…

Arts Express Summer Conference 2017

Parents, administrators, and teachers from around the state gathered for the two-day arts integration conference.

Participants received hands-on training to better assist the integration of the arts with core subjects.


Y-Search is a new web program designed to benefit first year writing students.

The new web program, created by BYU librarians, has won several awards and is gaining attention from universities and librarians from around the country.…

Misplacing Science Teachers

Research shows that just 36 percent of new science teachers are teaching only in their trained subject.

Ryan Nixon spent four years studying matter, energy and the universe—and learning how to teach those and other physics-related concepts to teens. In his first…

First Annual LDS Educators Conference

Over 150 people gathered for the first annual LDS Educators Conference held at BYU’s campus

Keynote speakers included Elder Tad R. Callister, Sunday School general president, and John S. Tanner, president of BYU–Hawaii. Workshops were conducted…

BYU’s Nerdy Ninja

Student Taylor "Skippy" Bouton is a competitor on July's reality TV show American Ninja Warrior

Folks in BYU's McKay School might know Taylor "Skippy" Bouton as the guy who helps fix their computers. But they might not know that Bouton is…

Superintendent Sweat's Graduation Speech

Paul Sweat addressed 404 McKay School graduates.

Superintendent Sweat spoke at the April 2017 McKay School convocation. His address highlighted the life of Benjamin Cluff Jr. and also included uplifting…

To type or not to type? That isn’t really the question.

Children and digital communication.

Schoolchildren have become accustomed to digital communication such as texting, but haven't necessarily learned to switch off the habits formed in casual…

Can free textbooks do the job?

A group of BYU professors and students have published seven related research papers this year that attempt to answer whether you learn as much in a course that uses free, open-access textbooks.

More than $1,000 a year for books and supplies alone: the number can be discouraging--if not completely prohibitive--to students considering enrolling in…

BYU and Chinese University Continue 25 Years of Friendship

Xi'an International Studies University leaders visited BYU campus to meet with McKay School administrators

BYU was honored by the recent visit of Wang Junzhe, president of Xi'an International Studies University (XISU), and five of his administrators from Xi…

Teaching Begins with the Learner

Attendees learned better teaching practices at the recent Leadership in the 21st Century Conference.

The David O. McKay School of Education and the Brigham Young University-Public School Partnership presented the ninth biennial conference of Instructional…

Graduates Encouraged to Serve with Confidence and Love

Over 400 students graduated from the McKay School today.

Convocation speakers advised graduates to allow love, conviction, and other Christ-like attributes to guide their pursuits.

McKay School Grads: The Unexpected Teaching Experience

From students to teachers overnight

Elizabeth Olsen and Kalie Peck, elementary education students, taught 37 students when their practicum mentor suddenly became ill.

Scott Richards Awarded $3.5 Million Grant

P. Scott Richards received $3,572,011 from the Templeton Foundation to conduct spiritually integrated psychotherapy research.

McKay School professor Scott Richards recently received a large grant of $3,572,011 from the John Templeton Foundation, a private philanthropic organization…

Speakers for the McKay School Graduation Announced

Two students and one guest have been chosen to speak during the April graduation ceremony.

Two speakers, Natalie Merrill Scherck and Shelly Ann Karren, will represent fellow graduates at the ceremony next Friday. The main speaker will be…

Make Your Life a Calling

Going where the Lord wants us to go

David Boren, from the Education Leadership and Foundations Department, addresses students at the Power of Teaching lecture of winter semester.

Psychology for Teachers

Daniel Willingham presents at the Benjamin Cluff Jr. Lecture

Daniel Willingham presented his lecture, "How Can K-12 Teachers Use Psychological Science?" at Brigham Young University.

Seeing Who’s Behind the Desks

Power of Teaching lecture on motivating and believing in students

Todd Pennington, from Physical Education Teacher Education within the Department of Teacher Education in the David O. McKay School of Education, spoke on the…

BYU Student Receives 2016 Utah School Psychology Student of the Year Award

Stephanie Skiba recently won the UASP Student of the Year award

McKay School graduate student Stephanie Skiba was awarded the Student of the Year award at the Utah Association of School Psychologists' recent annual…

"Best Practices in Autism"

Teachers, and other professionals, parents, and students attended the fourth annual workshop to learn about best practices in autism

Brigham Young University's recent annual Autism Translational Research Workshop, Best Practices in Autism: Social Skills Interventions and Diagnostic…

Twelve Students Receive Educational Leadership Award

The 2016-2017 Educational Leadership Awards have been awarded to one student from each cohort

Each academic year, the faculty of the Educational Leadership and Foundations Department chooses one student from each cohort to receive the School Leadership…

Educational Leadership and Foundations Professor Gets Fellowship in Nigeria

Economics professor Macleans Geo-JaJa was awarded the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program

Professor Macleans Geo-JaJa from the Educational Leadership and Foundations Department was awarded a fellowship by the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship…

Relying on Faith Through Uncertainty

Angie Jones exemplified faith in her battle with breast cancer and her decision to obtain a master's degree

Despite the harsh obstacles Angie Jones has encountered in her life, she has remained optimistic and full of faith. Jones has learned that God always has a…

Student Employee Sets an Office Record

Kara Betts has worked in the EdLF Department for five years

Kara Betts has worked in the Educational Leadership and Foundations Department for five years, which some say is an office record for student employees. She…

Administration without Judgment

Relationships are more important than administering

How do you discipline a frustrated student who is acting out in class because he fled his country and was relocated to the opposite side of the world? Or how…

Effects of Globalization on Education Systems: Debates and Issues

Professor Geo-JaJa publishes a book on the effects of globalization on education systems

Macleans Geo-JaJa of the McKay School's Educational Leadership and Foundations Department and Suzanne Majhanovich from the University of Western Ontario…

Craig Ingram: Making Ripples with Red Pens

Cregg Ingram's legacy has rippled through generations

Former professor Cregg Ingram, impacted the lives of many people. Although he has passed away, his legacy lives on and continues to change lives. This story…

The Power of Choices And Striving for Your Highest Potential

2014 national middle school principal of the year, Sheena Alaiasa shares personal journey to help Polynesian students succeed

"E kulia I ka nu'u", or "strive for your highest potential," was the recent Kaha Nui Summit's theme. Sponsored by the McKay…

New Study Links Brain Stem Volume and Aggression in Autism

New research from BYU's autism experts is providing clues into the link between aggression and autism--clues the team hopes will eventually lead to more…

Picking Teams and Picking Music in P.E.

BYU education professor finds music helps and picking teams publicly hurts when helping kids try to enjoy exercise

Experiences for kids in P.E. can have long-lasting effects. Being picked last for a team may be humiliating in the moment, but could also have lasting…

BYU School Psychology Program Honored Nationally for Quantity and Quality of Research

The BYU school psychology program was recently named the No. 1 program out of 136 of its kind in faculty research productivity.

That means the faculty do more, higher-quality research than any other group of school psychology professors in the United States.

The three top…

Inclusive Education for Students with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities

BYU's David O. McKay School recently hosted guest lecturer Erik Carter, a special education professor at Vanderbilt University, who spoke on the rising…

You Can't Make This Stuff up

There are reader-submitted stories about their everyday life experiences as an administrator

Being an educator and having the privilege of working with children provides free entertainment every day. Sometimes the joy comes from parents and colleagues…

Good, Better, and Best Approaches to Leading Learning with Teachers

The best way to increase student learning is to assist the adults who serve them

Some approaches are good, some are better, and some are best. The purpose of this article is to review some good, better, and best approaches that principals…

Power of Teaching: Pedagogy of the Heart

Kate Johnson from the math education department gave the first Power of Teaching lecture of fall semester

Here is a recap of the first Power of Teaching lecture of the school year. See the full video of Johnson's speech on the McKay School Vimeo page.

Conference Discusses BYU Ties to China

The student-organized conference attracted hundreds as renowned professionals discussed China-related topics

As part of the second annual BYU China Conference, students from all disciplines had the chance to hear from a diverse panel of speakers, including a guest…

2016 BYU China Conference

World-renowned professionals will discuss China’s influence in the world and opportunities abroad

Students of all disciplines will have the chance to learn about China’s culture and growing global influence during the second annual BYU China Conference on…

"Oh Be Wise: A Variation on a Theme"

Here is the August 2016 convocation address by Lynnette Erickson, associate dean of the McKay School of Education.

Lynnette Erickson, associate dean of the McKay School of Education, shares a childhood story in her convocation address to demonstrate the importance of…

Celebrating McKay School Graduates

The most anticipated day of their college careers has finally come!

The David O. McKay School of Education celebrated the newest class of graduates during today’s graduation ceremonies.

McKay School Graduation Speakers Announced

The McKay School of Education will feature two students and one faculty speaker at graduation

Graduation is on Friday, August 12. Here are the student and faculty speakers for the event.

Teacher Education Department Selects New Chair

Department names Kendra M. Hall-Kenyon to department chair position

A new department chair is taking over for the Teacher Education Department.

Counseling Psychology and Special Education Names New Department Chair

The department names Lane Fischer as their new department chair

The Department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education has named their new department chair.

McKay School Recognized for Technology Leadership

At a recent teacher preparation summit, the U.S. Department of Education and ASCD recognized BYU and the McKay School for their innovation in educational technology

The McKay School of Education's IP&T Department was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and ASCD at a teacher preparation…

Arts Express Conference Tells Stories through the Arts

450 educators met to learn more about how arts in the classroom can create meaningful experiences for students

Most students probably wouldn’t guess that their teachers could be found dancing, designing a tapa cloth, or participating in a drum circle this summer. At the…

Alumni Happenings

McKay Today helps connect you to your former classmates and teachers.

CPSE Department Awards Student Mentors

Mentors from Jordan and Nebo School Districts were honored by the CPSE department.

BYU-Public School Partnership teachers have mentored students all year long, and the department recently honored the finest of those mentors.

Role of Spirituality in Counseling for Treatment and Recovery

McKay School PhD graduate discusses the importance of spirituality in counseling for eating disorders

Many believe it's time for mental health professionals to understand the importance of religious and spiritual concerns when counseling patients. This is…

The Science of Spirituality in Children and Youth

Lisa Miller, professor and director of clinical psychology at Columbia University, spoke at BYU on spirituality and psychology.

Lisa Miller, PhD, professor and director of clinical psychology at Columbia University, gave a presentation at BYU entitled "The Science of Spirituality…

Growing in Wisdom and Spirit in the LPP

Master’s student Megan Steinberg has found spiritual strength in the Leadership Preparation Program

One of the aims of BYU is to spiritually strengthen individuals and students like Megan Steinberg, who is currently in the McKay School Leadership Preparation…

Finding a Calling in Teaching

Paul Finlayson may have started off in the hunting business, but he has now found his happiness in education

Not every teacher started their career path in education, and some, like licensure-only student Paul Finlayson, seem to have made a big jump. Finlayson's…

Finding New Opportunities in Education

Julie Ward’s job as a facilitator began her interest in administration and in the ExSL Program

When Julie Ward decided to pursue a career in administration, she chose the McKay School’s Executive School Leadership Program so that she could continue to…

McKay School Alumnus Nominated as "LifeChanger of the Year"

For Jason Theler, being a principal is about serving, not awards

After receiving a master's degree in educational leadership from the McKay School of Education, Jason Theler went from being an elementary school teacher…

David O. McKay School of Education Convocation for April 2016

Celebrating the McKay School’s latest graduates

The David O. McKay School of Education celebrated the graduation and achievements of 402 of their newest alumni on April 22 in the George Albert Smith…

Timothy Smith Publishes New Book, Foundations of Multicultural Psychology

CPSE chair coauthors book discussing inclusion of cultural factors in psychotherapy and cultural considerations relevant to mental health.

CPSE chair coauthors book discussing inclusion of cultural factors in psychotherapy and cultural considerations relevant to mental health.

A 648-Mile Commute to Class

Although Anne Staffieri lives in California, she travelled all the way to Provo to attend her doctoral classes.

Although Anne Staffieri lives in California, she travelled all the way to Provo to attend her doctoral classes.

Wilcox Honors Former Mentors in Power of Teaching Lecture

Professor Brad Wilcox honored two of his former professors in this year's final Power of Teaching lecture.

Professor Brad Wilcox honored two of his former professors in this year's final Power of Teaching lecture.

Dinner with a Principal 2016

Students meet with education professionals to prepare for entry into their field.

Dinner with a Principal is a chance for education students to get real-world feedback on what is happening in the field of education.

McKay Alumna Receives 2016 Outstanding Dissertation Award from AACTE—Monica Thomas Billen ('08, '10)

Monica Thomas Billen uses Instagram to aid pre-service teacher reflection.

Monica Thomas Billen uses Instagram to aid pre-service teacher reflection.

McKay School Shines in Latest U.S. News Grad School Rankings

The latest version of the U.S. News Best Graduate School rankings saw big gains for the David O. McKay School of Education.

BYU's Autism Workshop Focused on Latest Intervention Research

Nearly 300 people attended the conference to learn about the best practices in autism.

BYU's annual autism workshop, Best Practices in Autism: What's New in Autism Intervention Research, focused on everyday ways to help patients,…

McKay School Shines in Latest U.S. News Grad School Rankings

The latest version of the U.S. News Best Graduate School rankings saw big gains for the David O. McKay School of Education

McKay School Student Awarded NASP-ERT Minority Student Award

Tianna Freeman was honored with the scholarship that supports culturally diverse students pursuing careers in school psychology.

Vital Behaviors of Education

Presenting at BYU's McKay School of Education, Donald Deshler spoke on the culture of scholarship and adolescent literacy, focusing on vital behaviors…

50-Foot Tree Goes Down in Front of the McKay Building

A 50-foot Colorado blue spruce tree was uprooted this afternoon on campus, barricading the west entrance of the David O. McKay Building.

AECT Awards for BYU

BYU faculty and students joined other educators in annual AECT Conference

The McKay School’s Department of Instructional Psychology and Technology had a strong showing at the Association for Educational Communications and Technology…

Power of Teaching Lecture Features Physics Fire and Ice Demonstrations

Students at the McKay School of Education saw exciting demonstrations and learned powerful lessons from Professor Duane Merrell at January's Power of…

First Annual Kaha Nui Summit Informs and Motivates Polynesian Students

The first annual BYU Polynesian Interdisciplinary Summit was held fall semester in the Wilkinson Student Center. Speakers and panelists provided learning…

BYU Autism Workshop to Focus on Intervention

January 29 sessions will center on research on best practices in autism interventions.

Behavioral issues can make caring for those with autism spectrum disorder very challenging. Interventions can result in improved skills and greater…

Tina Dyches Helps Students and Faculty Recall the Joy and Influence of Teaching

In her Power of Teaching lecture, McKay School Associate Dean Tina Dyches shared her thoughts on how “A Teacher Affects Eternity.”

“A Teacher Affects Eternity.” Teachers frequently encounter this phrase on shirts, neckties, mugs, spoons, aprons, key chains, hats, hoodies, and even dog…

Teacher Brock Alexander Applies ExSL in High School Leadership Roles

Brock Alexander has opportunities to practice what he is learning in the ExSL Program as a teacher and leader at Freedom Preparatory Academy.

Some students may have a hard time knowing how they will apply what they learn in class to their actual jobs. Brock Alexander, a student in the Executive…

Pamela Hallam New Chair of Educational Leadership and Foundations Department

Hallam looks forward to building on the strong foundation created by former chair Sterling Hilton and others.

Registration Opens for Third BYU Autism Conference

Nearly 200 people attended the second BYU autism conference to learn about research on adolescence for individuals with autism.

Templeton Foundation Grant to McKay School Professors Funds Preparations for Worldwide Research

P. Scott Richards and G. E. Kawika Allen will coordinate worldwide teams to research spiritually oriented psychology practice.

When seeking peace Christians may turn to prayer and fasting. Hindus may engage in rituals related to their gods and traditions. Those embracing Islam may…

Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

Donald Baum, BYU alumnus and grandson of a former McKay School dean, has returned to BYU as a professor.

For new educational leadership and foundations professor Donald Baum, teaching at BYU is fulfilling a personal desire and a family tradition. Baum is a…

Co-teaching Model Provides Effective Blend of Theory and Experience for Students

David Boren, an EdLF professor, and Suzanne Kimball, a district administrator, blend their expertise in an EdLF graduate course.

Award-Winning Teacher Prepares for Administrative Roles

After teaching, creating curriculum, and winning a presidential teaching award, Ann Barnes is preparing to expand her service through a master’s in the LPP.

Rachel Prestwich Adds to Her Education in the LO Program

Licensure Only student Rachel Prestwich to add an administrative license to her master’s in literacy education.

Terri Summers Named First Associate Director of BYU Educator Preparation Program

Jordan School District administrator to join the new program focused on coordinating educator preparation.

Terri Summers, former administrator in curriculum and staff development for the Jordan School District, has been named associate director of the Educator…

Textbook Shift

New, rigorous study shows high quality of free textbooks

Given the high costs of traditional textbooks, a trio of professors examined the effectiveness of free, open-source textbooks used in high schools and colleges…

The Year-Round Commitment of a Dedicated Teacher

McKay School of Education Alumna Whitney Wilding is spending this summer preparing ways to improve her classroom for the coming school year.

Grit and Determination to Continue Learning—Darlene James ('03)

Darlene James received the James Madison Fellowship to broaden her knowledge and understanding of the United States government

A James Madison Fellowship, awarded by the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation, is enabling Darlene James to earn her second master’s degree. After…

Globalization and Local Teacher Education

Stefinee Pinnegar and a colleague published a chapter on international teacher education discourse.

The team may shortly conduct research in the Colorado and Utah Departments of Corrections to test known sex offenders and pedophiles. This may validate Fischer…

Martin Fujiki Appointed as Chair of Communication Disorders Department

Fujiki brings more than 20 years of teaching and research experience to his new role and responsibilities.

Professor and researcher Martin Fujiki is replacing Christopher Dromey as the chair of the Department of Communication Disorders in the McKay School of…

Students Organize First BYU China Conference

The event will inform students of career opportunities in China and provide a networking context.

The "Nature of the Beast" and the "Nature of the Joint"

At a “new student” orientation session, Professor Lane Fischer taught parents about young adults’ transition from rigid group identification to individual…

Aaron Popham Named First Director of BYU Educator Preparation Program

This change prompts a transition of responsibility for coordinating educator preparation from the McKay School of Education to the EPP.

Preparing Teachers for Quality Education

While it likely won’t help calm first-day-of-school jitters, parents and kids can rest easy knowing that qualified teachers educated at Utah universities have…

Faculty Members from the Department of Teacher Education Received Rank Advancement and Continuing Faculty Status

One faculty member received Continuing Faculty Status; four were awarded title of associate professor and granted CFS.

Brigham Young University granted five faculty members from the McKay School Department of Teacher Education continuing faculty status (CFS) and rank…

Betty Ashbaker Leaves Legacy of Citizenship and Service

A misunderstanding over communications disorders and special education launched a lifetime career for Betty Ashbaker, a professor in the Counseling Psychology…

Cheri Campbell’s Story of Hardship and Success

It’s a text message you never want to have to read: "Your mother is dying—come to the hospital now."
You especially don’t want to have to read…

Superintendent Martin Bates: Putting Service First

Martin Bates, superintendent of Granite School District, has spent his many years in education serving students and fellow educators.

Beginning with his volunteer work as a teenager and continuing through his military service, education, and current position as Granite School District…

Nebo School District Helps Future School Leaders

Aspiring School Leaders Week in Nebo School District introduces teachers to the world of administration.

Twice a year Utah’s Nebo School District hosts Aspiring School Leaders Week in the district office for teachers pursuing degrees in school administration.…

Principals and Interns Meet for Mentor Training

Current administrators and their future colleagues discuss how to create meaningful internships.

School administration interns and mentor principals met in BYU’s Hinckley Center on Wednesday, July 8, to learn ways to create more meaningful internship…

Master’s Student Believes in Becoming an Advocate for Students

Josh Ricks of the Executive School Leadership Program has returned to BYU to learn how to help students on a larger scale.

Capturing the “Unlimited Potential of an Individual”

Melissa Heath received the 2015 Mentoring Award from the BYU Faculty Women’s Association.

Due to her skill and dedication in mentoring students through their early publication experiences, Melissa Heath, a McKay School professor in the Department of…

McKay Graduate Selected as Education Consultant for World Bank

As an education consultant for World Bank, this EdLF graduate is extending his educator preparation in new directions.

As an education consultant for World Bank, this EdLF graduate is extending his educator preparation in new directions.

Arizona Teacher/Administrator Hired as Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Cort Monroe, a member of the McKay School of Education's Arizona alumni chapter, was recently hired as the assistant superintendent of student…

Faculty Members from the Department of Teacher Education Received Rank Advancement and Continuing Faculty Status

One faculty member received Continuing Faculty Status; four were advanced in rank to associate professor and granted CFS.

Brigham Young University granted five faculty members from the McKay School Department of Teacher Education continuing faculty status (CFS) and rank…

"Hideout" Educational Mobile App Becomes Big Hit

Now, only seven months after its debut, Hideout has reached over 15,000 downloads and has a rating of four and a half of five stars on iTunes. Hideout was…

U.S. Department of Education Official Visits BYU

BYU-PSP has drawn national attention because of the opportunity it provides to improve both teacher education and K-12 learning through the collaborative…

BYU & David O. McKay School to Host First-Ever Autism Best Practices Workshop

The one-day interdisciplinary event will feature experts on autism care, treatment, and education.

Utah has a high rate of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), with one in 54 children displaying autism symptoms. In response to the need for accessible information…

Ashbaker Creates Website for Paraeducation

McKay School faculty and students have received various honors and awards. A few of these are highlighted below.

Mel Olson

Mel Olson recently joined the McKay School staff director of the coaching minor offered by the Physical Education Teacher Education Program (PETE) when the…

School Psychologists Recognized for Outstanding Work

Three MSE alumni and one student were recognized at the Utah Association of School Psychologists (UASP) conference for their outstanding work in the field of…

Singing Voices in New York Schools

Living in the mecca of performing arts, Higbee helps students find their voice

Getting your voice heard is not easy, especially in inner-city New York. Lisa Higbee has been helping children get their voices heard in inner-city schools as…

Like Insects, Educators Adapt to Change

From studying microscopic beetles to administering a school, Sydney Young uses her science background to understand her teachers and lead effectively.

McKay School Alumnus Shares Highlights in His Work as Teacher and Principal—Aaron Stevenson ('06, '09)

Aaron Stevenson describes his enthusiasm for teaching, his interest in every student, and his gratitude for exemplary colleagues.

Back to His Roots: Professor Geo-JaJa to Build Education in Nigeria

McKay School professor is one of 17 scholars chosen to go to Africa with the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship.

McKay School of Education Professor Macleans A. Geo-JaJa is getting a chance to bring his work back home. He is returning to his native Nigeria to assist the…

BYU's Educator Preparation Program Receives National Accreditation

The Brigham Young University Educator Preparation Program has been awarded the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) accreditation by the Council for…

McKay School PhD Student Receives $15,000 Research Award

Bob Bodily, a PhD candidate from the McKay School of Education, was recently awarded a $15,000 BYU Graduate Research Fellowship. Over 100 applications were…

Learning Urban Diversity in Houston

McKay School student shares insights from teaching in immersion program

Clarissa Buckhoff, a McKay School teacher education alumna, recently returned from an immersion experience in student diversity.

From the Classroom to Instructional Design: Adapting to Life’s “Other Plans”

Life doesn’t always go as planned, but differences can bring positive change. McKay School graduate Alexandra Parrish recently spoke to students about her…

Conference on Religious and Spiritual Psychology Focuses on Variety of Beliefs and Practices

When Allen Bergin first published his innovative research recognizing the importance of religious and spiritual concerns in psychotherapy, he received over 1,…

Minority Scholarship Helps Student Pursue Her Dream of Helping the One

It may seem impossible to have one-on-one teacher-student interactions in a classroom of 50, but when Eliza Cortes saw a teacher with the ability to do this…

Man of Faith: Moses Khombe

After helping a Utah-based company carry out relief efforts in Malawi, Khombe was invited to visit BYU, where he then pursued an advanced education in the McKay School

After helping a Utah-based company carry out relief efforts in Malawi, Khombe was invited to visit BYU, where he then pursued an advanced education in the…

Guy Francis Explains an Illustrator’s Journey

During his recent guest lecture for the BYU Reading Council, Francis described his career path and explained the process he uses to illustrate a book.

Drawing, painting, and reading children’s books seems like a dream job to a nine-year-old child; Guy Francis turned that dream into reality in his career as a…

Annual Cluff Lecture Focuses on Creating Networks and Relationships Among Educators

“Leading, Learning, and Leveraging Educational Change: The Role of Social Capital” was the title of the 2015 annual Benjamin Cluff Jr. Lecture. Alan J. Daly,…

Aspiring Principals Academy Helps Teachers Make Career Decisions

The Aspiring Principals Academy was created to give teachers who are considering administration some in-depth experience with the roles and responsibilities of…

Executive Student Fine Tunes Teaching Philosophy

Attending school while working full time has been a challenge for Paul Barth, a student in the Executive School Leadership Program. But for Barth, a fourth-…

Principals Meet to Learn and Share

A group of Orem principals who saw the positive impact of professional learning communities on their teachers realized they too could benefit from these…

BYU Finger Painting Challenge Gallery

Kevin J Worthen, BYU president, along with Mary Anne Prater, McKay School of Education dean, and Michael Tunnell, Teacher Education Department chair,…

Four Doctoral Students Honored

The Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations recently honored four current doctoral students who are becoming leaders.

From Teaching to Administration

Like many beginning a new phase of school, Kip Carlson started his master’s program unsure if this direction was right for him. “During my first day of class,…

BYU president finger paints with preschoolers to celebrate Week of the Young Child

Along with McKay School of Education Dean Mary Anne Prater and BYU Teacher Education Department Chair Michael Tunnell, Worthen participated in a statewide…

“By Study, By Faith” Encourages Women to Finish Their Education

BYU faculty women hope to inspire female students to finish their education by sharing their own stories of challenges but ultimate triumph.

BYU President to Finger Paint with Preschool Children

Kevin J Worthen, BYU president, along with Mary Anne Prater, McKay School of Education dean, and Michael Tunnell, Teacher Education Department chair, have…

The Power of Teaching: Mary Anne Prater

Dean Mary Anne Prater of the McKay School of Education spoke about obstacles as blessings in disguise and the importance of relying on the Spirit in everything…

Teaching Power in Children’s Books

According to Michael O. Tunnell, chair of the McKay School’s Department of Teacher Education, children’s books are more than just enjoyable stories to read at…

Jan Zollinger

Zollinger’s love for teaching has shaped her life and given her more opportunities to volunteer.

McKay School alumna Jan Pfost Zollinger was named Braille Institute’s 2014 Teacher of the Year for her work at the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind, where…

Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters Honors McKay School Professor

Congratulations to Richard Sudweeks, director of the McKay School of Education’s Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation PhD program.

BYU to Sponsor International Conference on Religious and Spiritual Issues in Psychology

Psychology tends to avoid the topics of religion and spirituality, which is what makes Division 36 of the American Psychological Association so uncommon.…

The Power of Teaching Lecture Series and How It Began

Education leaders share their belief of how powerful teaching can be.

Communications Disorders Professor Receives Meritorious Award for Research into Throat Dryness

Communication Disorders Professor Kristine Tanner has earned a meritorious poster award from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) for her…

Bethany Maxfield Chosen as “Teacher of Tomorrow”

2014 BYU math education graduate recognized with a Teacher of Tomorrow Award by the Utah Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (UASCD).

Two McKay School Professors Join Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program

Educational leadership and foundations professors Steven and Julie Hite have both been accepted into the Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program to serve in India.

Second BYU Autism Conference to Focus on Adolescence

The changes and adjustments of adolescence are rarely easy. But for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families, change is even…

Study in Pediatrics: Brief observations miss autism symptoms in young children

Findings from McKay School professor's research can help experts catch autism sooner

Findings from McKay School professor's research can help experts catch autism sooner

Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program Reaccredited by the American Psychological Association

Since starting the reaccreditation process two years ago, the program has received approval by the APA.

From the Capitol to the Classroom

Crystal Robinson transitions from education policy to practice

This fall a two-time alumna of Brigham Young University, Crystal Robinson, is trading her position in a Congressional advisory office for a new position in…

McKay School Graduate Accepted to Top Tier Program at Vanderbilt

Marybeth Tew comes from a family that bleeds blue. She has received a prestigious scholarship as well as a graduate assistantship to work toward a master'…

McKay School Dean Delivers 2014 Alice Louise Reynolds Women-In-Scholarship Lecture

Dean Prater selected to give prestigious lecture honoring women's scholarly accomplishments at BYU.

Faculty from across the university honored McKay School dean Mary Anne Prater by selecting her as the 2014 Alice Louise Reynolds Women-in-Scholarship lecturer…

Three Benefits of Blending Learning

Advanced classroom technology is opening up new possibilities and principles for teaching.

Joseph South

McKay School alumnus Joseph South has been appointed as the new deputy director for the Office of Educational Technology in the U.S. Department of Education.

Joseph South, a McKay School alumnus who has pioneered online and blended learning solutions for students and educators, has been appointed as the new deputy…

Balancing School, Work, and Family while Studying at the McKay School

The pressures of rigorous academic coursework, employment, and a social life are a struggle for many students. But balancing a full-time job, part-time school…

Author Brandon Sanderson to Speak at Adolescent Literacy and Learning Conference

The Literacy Promise Conference focuses on engaging adolescents in literacy.

Author Brandon Sanderson will be the keynote speaker at the biennial Literacy Promise Conference in Salt Lake City. The conference, which targets issues in…

Rick West

As a recent college graduate working in the newspaper industry, Rick West discovered his love for technology. He was interested in the ways technology could be…

Professor Finds a Way to Improve School Community and Collegiality

Study by Paul Caldarella demonstrates value in teacher praise notes.

Workplace research has shown that productivity and improved outcomes are related to employees' positivity and job satisfaction, so BYU professor Paul…

Dry Throat Solutions—Saline or Otherwise

ComD professor's research ranked "exceptional" at ASHA national convention

Kristine Tanner of the Department of Communication Disorders is conducting research with the goal of finding a long-term solution for chronic throat dryness,…

Ryan Kellems

Special Education Professor Joins the CPSE Mild/Moderate Special Education Program

Ryan Kellems hadn't planned on settling in Utah Valley where he grew up. He hadn't planned on becoming a professor at BYU as his dad had been. He had…

McKay School Educational iPad App Is An Immediate Success

The Hideout early literacy app has reached over 15,000 downloads

This April Hideout, an educational iPad and iPhone app, was launched on iTunes as supplemental material for the Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy Program…

G. E. Kawika Allen

New professor joins the counseling psychology program in the McKay School

Allen wanted to heal people but found the anatomy and biology classes of traditional medicine did not interest him as much. Searching for a new academic niche…

BYU–PSP Student Competes Nationally and Visits the Oval Office

National science fair finalist and seventh grader Drew Becker traveled to Washington, D.C. to compete with his project and met the President during his time in the nation's capital.

Seventh grader Drew Becker of Rocky Mountain Middle School in Heber City, Utah traded his backpack and sneakers for a suit and tie last month as he competed as…

McKay School of Education alumni gathering: A growing family tradition

A simple college tailgate party honoring alumni from the McKay School of Education has grown into a homecoming pre-game tradition for some families.

CMI: Improving Students’ Understanding of Mathematics

Comprehensive Mathematics Instruction is helping students think like mathematicians (and improving their test scores as well).

Many school districts struggle to achieve proficient math standardized-test scores; however, three teacher education professors and their public school…

Early Reading! Good Free App of the Day: Hideout by Brigham Young University

McKay School faculty member Barbara Culatta released a free reading app in the spring to help children learn to read. The app recently received a very positive…

Caleb Olson (’13)

Educational leadership graduate becomes principal

College graduates sometimes do not find work in their chosen field; however, one McKay School student just landed what he considers the perfect job.

Terisa Gabrielsen

Professor with expertise in autism joins the CPSE School Psychology Program

"I was immediately drawn to working with children who have autism," she explained. "There is so much to learn and autism affects each child…

Applauding Students' Creativity

BYU Student Council for Exceptional Children put on the Young Artists Gallery Stroll for special education students.

Everyone likes to be recognized for their achievements, which is why the first annual Young Artists Gallery Stroll was an exciting event for some elementary-…

Guinevere Deaver (’08)

After teaching for a few years, Deaver returned to the McKay School to pursue an advanced education

After teaching for a few years, Deaver returned to the McKay School to pursue an advanced education

The Science of Hands-On Learning

Would you drink 14 teaspoons of sugar mixed with water to quench your thirst? Fifth and sixth grade students participating in Anatomy Academy discovered that…

The Library Loves Its Students

BYU library web designer shows students some useful resources offered through the library

Many students find it hard to endure the process of researching long papers. However, frustrated students may not realize the various resources provided by the…

Learning from Precedent

Design studies professor presents on the importance of using and sharing precedent

Educators often draw inspiration and insights from others to achieve successful improvement and development. The McKay School of Education has great examples…

You Can Measure a Swallow?

Graduate students in the Dysphagia Management class receive training from experts.

The frame-by-frame x-ray recording showed the silhouette of a person swallowing a metallic barium solution that showed up on the x-ray. As the solution slowly…

Annual Arts Express Will "Illuminate the Core" June 11-12

As schools prepare to implement the Utah Core Standards, many teachers and school administrators struggle to find creative teaching methods. Brigham Young…

Mentored Research Conference

ComD graduate students and Faculty present research findings

Every year, McKay School students work with research advisors in their departments, and student and advisor decide on an area of research together. For example…

Dry Throat?

Kristine Tanner's Research Explores Ways to Hydrate Vocal Cords.

During speech, vocal cords vibrate faster than the naked eye can see--an average of 120 times per second for males and 230 times per second for females. With…

A Flipped Classroom

Mike Balla uses "just about every kind of technology imaginable" with his students and is well known for his innovative teaching style.

Amy Wudel ('00)

"Each student has so much potential, so they all deserve the opportunity to learn what to do with it."

Much of formal teaching happens in traditional classrooms, but, for Amy Wudel, teaching occurs on the dance floor.

Spirituality in Psychology Think Tank Conference

Researchers from around the country discussed contributions of spirituality in psychology and education.

Scott Richards, a professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education, directed the Consortium for Spiritually Centered Psychology and…

Anne House (’76)

Anne House understands that teachers’ work goes beyond education to build individuals with lessons of caring that last a lifetime. Anne, a 1976 graduate of the…

Internal Research Grant Opportunities

Several annual internal grant opportunities are available for McKay School faculty

The David O. McKay School of Education is promoting several annual internal grant opportunities for faculty. The awarded grant money will help support faculty…

Learn how to “bUild!”

EdLF mentors and interns learn to build leaders during annual school leadership training

Road construction seems to be a constant part of modern life. At this summer's annual school leadership mentor training conference, the construction-…

Blending for Effectiveness and Flexibility

The McKay School pilots a learning initiative to make courses more flexible and accessible

As society becomes more adept at exchanging information through technology, schools and universities do as well. The McKay School of Education is following…

Lora H. Whiting (’44)

BYU's first female student body president shares insights from teaching career

Lynn D. Stewart (’65)

“It is gratifying to see these young people become leaders” and to “know that you may have had a small part in their success.”

Lynn D. Stewart taught history and government for 34 years at Boulder City High School in Nevada.

Marenda Hansen Brown (’06)

“My experience in Romania had a profound impact on me and my desires to work with children with disabilities,” Brown says.

Marenda Hansen Brown discovered a love of teaching during an international internship following her 2001 graduation from BYU. Brown, who had studied family…

Learning From The Past, Preparing For The Future

CITES Publishes its 2011 Annual Review

The key to understanding an organization's purpose is to examine its aspirations, according to Steve Baugh, Director of BYU's Center for the…

Marilyn Buck (’89)

From professor to dean, Buch has held a variety of teaching and administrative positions

As a faculty member of Ball State University’s School of Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science, Buck has held a variety of teaching and…

Winner Keeps Winning – This Time In Europe

Jane Cox, international CUSEF winner, receives additional award in Finland

For over 25 years the McKay School and the BYU-Public School Partnership have sponsored the annual Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair, giving students a…

Life Evaluations

David Williams explains the prevalence and significance of evaluations

People make hundreds of evaluations every day. Without realizing it, we are constantly evaluating our surroundings, our decisions, and our associates.

EDLF Professor Awarded for Scholarship

EDLF Professor Julie Hite awarded with Faculty Women's Association Award for Scholarship

Julie Hite, a professor in the McKay School's Department of Educational Leadership & Foundations (EdLF), was recently selected for the 2011 Faculty…

School Safety

Research suggests that between kindergarten and high school seven percent of students have experienced a hands-on sexual offense.

Ellen Williams: Creating a Legacy of Learning

From the time she began teaching elementary school in Salt Lake City, Dr. Ellen Williams knew that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of her students…

Of Caps and Gowns [VIDEO]

Nari Carter is the first to complete the EIME PhD program

Graduation is a long-awaited celebration with which students close a chapter of their formal education and look with excitement to the challenges of the future.

Beyond Art For Art’s Sake

A Workshop

Teachers don't often go to conferences where they can attend a "math class" and create obtuse and acute angles with masking tape, but arts…

Julie Cloward Recognized with Employee Award

Competency, integrity, teamwork, respect and accountability are just a few of the values that BYU employees agree to live by. At this year's University…

What Chinese Teachers Can Show Us About Teacher Education

Teresa Leavitt and a colleague examined the effects of teacher education programs on working teachers in China.

Researchers selected three American and four Chinese teachers, whom they interviewed and worked with extensively in school settings in order to assess how…

McKay School Partners with Farrer Elementary

During BYU’s production of Seussical, Farrer Elementary School students trooped into the Harris Fine Arts Center to see the show, as guests of the McKay School…

IQ Can’t Explain Everything: Withdrawal in Children with Language Impairment

In a recent study Bonnie Brinton and Martin Fujiki, professors in the Department of Communication Disorders, placed students with language impairment (LI) in…

The McKay School Says Goodbye to Gary Kramer [VIDEO]

Early in his career, Dr. Gary Kramer discovered that the optimal experience is something you make happen. With this spirit of determination, he pursued a…

Arts Express Teaches Integration

Federal regulation such as No Child Left Behind is placing heavy pressure on teachers to help students pass standardized tests. Some educators are concerned…

Nancy Livingston is Honored with the Drum Major Award

Each year the Utah State Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Commission hosts a luncheon to present two individuals with Drum Major Awards to recognize their…

The Brazil Exchange: Value in Experience Abroad

With so many Latter-day Saint returned missionaries and a good number of international students, it’s no surprise that nearly 70 percent of BYU’s student body…

Symposium Brings Together Families, Communities, and Schools [VIDEO]

Educators, language learning experts, parents, and community leaders will gather June 9-10 at the BYU Wilkinson Student Center for the Third Annual English…

Know Your Meme—CITES Conferences Educate

Past, present, and future--The David O. McKay School of Education and its Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling (CITES) are expanding…

Social Networks in Ugandan Education

There are more to social networks than Facebook, with a variety of purposes and results. Julie Hite, a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership…

Hinckley Institute: Combining Politics and Education

Politics is a necessary component of our government, just as education is a necessary component of an informed citizenry. These societal segments feed each…

Mentoring: Improving the Teaching and Learning Experience [VIDEO]

Chair Andrew Gibbons and graduate student John Chapman are leading a research project to identify the best practices for mentoring at BYU. Mentoring transforms…

Making Educational Success a Reality for Native Americans

No matter where you go, education is one of the best indicators of a healthy rising generation. Unfortunately, Native Americans are at a disadvantage compared…

Different Ways to Learn

McKay School professor Randall Davies and BYU colleagues Scott Howell and Jo Ann Petrie have co-written the article “A Review of Trends in Distance Education…

How Effective Classroom Teaching Practices Can Help Parents Raise Wonderful Children [VIDEO]

A healthy home environment can have a powerful impact on a child and will likely affect the child’s school experience and performance as well. For this reason…

When Disaster Strikes: Research Helps Local Schools Before, During, and After Economic Crises

Developing countries are especially vulnerable to economic crises. Their already fragile government structures, financial institutions, and educational systems…

Paraeducators, a Vital Aide in the Classroom

The need for paraeducator training is apparent throughout the school systems in the nation, and Ashbaker has created training materials to be used in community…

McKay School Faculty Have a Global Impact

Scholars in the McKay School of Education seek to conduct and apply meaningful research that will benefit local students and teachers.

Assessing the Challenges of Accreditation and Effectiveness of Teacher Education Programs

Accrediting Teacher Education Programs can be challenging. This is why Lynnette Erickson and Nancy Wentworth decided to write their latest book, “Tensions in…

Lynn Larson (’68)

From teacher to recipient of 2005 Utah County Master Realtor Award

Win with Innovative Instruction [VIDEO]

In 2009 the McKay School awarded $7,000 in prize money to students who created innovative solutions to challenges in education.

“It’s All in the Numbers” [VIDEO]

In the first presentation of the 2010-2011 Power of Teaching lecture series, Damon Bahr, an MSE mathematics education professor, told the audience they were…

Building Creative Learning Environments: Keith Sawyer Speaks at IP&T Seminar

Keith Sawyer posed several useful questions to MSE students and faculty at a recent IP&T Seminar held at the end of September. His presentation delved into…

Mary Anne Prater Receives Prestigious Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Award

Each year the BYU Faculty Awards Committee selects a distinguished faculty member who demonstrates exemplary character, citizenship, teaching, and research to…

Timothy Smith Appointed as New Chair of CPSE Department

The Department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education is experiencing a time of transition as Mary Anne Prater, who has served as chair for 7 and a…

Beyond Technique: Building Positive Student-Teacher Relationships in the Classroom

Teaching is a dynamic profession that involves many different skills, theories, and techniques. This makes it easy, according to Melissa Newberry, to overlook…

George Mason University Professor Visits McKay School [VIDEO]

Brenda Bannan, prominent visiting scholar from George Mason University, began this year's IP&T Seminar series, describing her topic of design research…

Steven Hite Contributes to Educational Encyclopedia after Unique Experiences with UNESCO/ IIEP

Steven Hite's experience in educational planning is driven by his dedication to the blending of theory and practice.

Books Portraying Characters with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Top Ten List

When Sharon Bascom, a teacher in the Nebo School District, approached Tina Dyches to learn more about children with emotional disturbance, Dyches gave her a…

Advocating for English Language Learners

"Funds of knowledge are everywhere. We just have to have the lens to see them," said language professor Norma Gonzalez. Gonzales was one of several…

Educators as Physicians: Using Data to Diagnose and Treat Learning Deficiencies in the Classroom

"Educators and health physicians perform similar functions," Vance Randall believes. "Just as physicians will run multiple tests and check your…

A Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Childhood obesity is an increasing problem in the United States and it will take a concerted effort to reverse the trend. Keven Prusak and his colleagues in…

Clifford Mayes’ Holistic Teaching: Revolutionizing the American Classroom

Imagine education that makes you a better human being. Imagine education that enriches you in ways that you and those around you become more empowered and…

IP&T Graduate Winners Announced

The IP&T Department announced the Student Award winners at this year’s Graduate Seminar.

Restaurant Owners Partner with IP&T Students

What do upscale restaurant owners have to do with graduate students in instructional technology? In a recent article, MSE alum Peter Chan and MSE faculty…

Adolescent Literacy Addressed

Author Shannon Hale believes that fairy tales are relevant today. She has been very successful at converting well known tales into uplifting and inspiring…

MSE Student Spotlighted in State Recognized Newsletter

“What is the biggest problem at Spanish Fork High School?” CPSE student intern Nancy Miramontes asked herself on her first day on the school campus.

2nd Annual English Language Learners Symposium

Utah has a large and growing English learner population that brings a new language, new ways of interacting and understanding, and new ways of being together…

UNESCO Promotes Steven Hite’s Monograph on Worldwide Education Development

Steven Hite recently co-authored a monograph that the UNESCO has now placed at the head of its current effort to guide and influence education development…

“And the Winners Are...”

Russell and Brittany Urness are deciding what to do with the $4,000 they pocketed after winning what the judges described as a very close running in this year’…

Change Student Behavior by Changing Teacher Behavior

The key to improving student behavior is changing teacher behavior. Applied behavior analysis involves acting on lessons learned from behavioral assessments.

Morals in the Classroom

“Do you believe in God?” Mike Richardson was boldly asked this question while an undergraduate student working in a group home for struggling youth in Mona,…

iic Choice Award—Vote now! Contest ends April 14.

The McKay School of Education recently held its first annual Innovative Instruction Competition, designed to recognize students for creating technology-rich…

Janet Young and Stefinee Pinnegar Recognized for Work in Multi-Lingual and Multi-Cultural Literacy

The paper Young and Pinnegar submitted for the award stemmed from work their work in the Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) Project. Their paper, titled…

MSE Invites Chinese Scholar

The tradition of collaboration between BYU and Chinese educators is ongoing, particularly in the McKay School of Education. Dr. Lou Shizhou, Dean of Graduate…

Physical Education: Helping Others to Be Stronger for Longer

As children continue to spend more time sitting in front of computer and television screens than they do playing outside, the issue of childhood obesity…

Former President of the National School Board Association Speaks at McKay School

Mossi White calls herself a crusader for the right of every child to have access to the best public education that the United States can provide.

Improving Training by Improving Relationships

As the trainer, a supervisor is a novice therapist’s primary model for counseling.

MSE Faculty Rule the Castle Conference

Lynnette Erickson, Janet Young, and Stefinee Pinnegar are excited about attending an international academic conference in a castle. The fact that the castle…

Maria Zanandrea

Zanandrea, a successful Olympic athlete, credits much of her active lifestyle to growing up on a cattle and grain farm in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Osguthorpe Explains the Purpose of Education [VIDEO]

Russell T. Osguthorpe, who currently serves as the Director of the BYU Center for Teaching and Learning, was recently featured as a speaker in the Power of…

"We Want BYU Student Teachers!"

A recent faculty meeting at Jackson Elementary School in Salt Lake City, the site of BYU's Urban Cohort Program, revealed that BYU student teachers are…

RTI: Using Data to Teach

“This is a unique group,” stated George Batsche to the educators gathered for the January meeting of Leaders Associates. “The chasm between university and…

Diversity in Special Education [VIDEO]

An inadequate number of ethnically diverse individuals are entering and graduating from special education preparation programs, according to Mary Anne Prater,…

Changing Education Through Public Policy

From Vietnam to Poland to the Middle East, David McPherson, a professor in the Department of Communication Disorders, has been influential in changing public…

Fujiki Appointed Associate Editor for Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools

As an associate editor of LSHSS, Fujiki will oversee the review of manuscripts in the area of social communication.

NSF Grant Awarded to BYU Research Team

Davies and fellow project investigators Alan Parkinson, C. Greg Jensen, and Spencer Magleby, all of the engineering college, were awarded a $175,000 grant by…

Monroe Helps Advance Quality Education for Indian Students in Montana

The Department of Teacher Education (TEd) at BYU aims to prepare competent, caring, and reflective educators who contribute to the growth and development of…

McKay School and Harold B. Lee Library Collaborate to Promote Literacy Among Families [VIDEO]

The McKay School of Education is collaborating with the Harold B. Lee Library in a joint family literacy project this year.

Measuring Autism: A Problem of Epidemic Proportions

Autism spectrum disorder is now diagnosed in 1 in 91 children (1 in 58 boys), according to the Center for Disease Control.

Educational Issues and Answers: Leaders Associates Meeting

Teaching children to join the “human conversation” is at the heart of the work of the BYU-Public School Partnership (BYU-PSP). In a literal sense,…

Inspiring Students to Obtain Higher Education: Hispanic Teens Learn to Teach and Mentor Younger Students

Motivating youth to prepare for college is a challenge, especially when students lack role models who have completed high school or obtained higher education.

The School Year Begins with Inspiration

"When you work alone, you are good at one thing. When you work together, you can be good at everything. It is impossible to fail together," declared…

Christopher Dromey Becomes New ComD Department Chair

McKay School of Education Dean K. Richard Young announced the appointment of Christopher Dromey, a professor in the Department of Communication Disorders, as…

Damon Bahr Prepares Students to Teach Elementary Mathematics

When Damon Bahr, associate professor of elementary mathematics education, switched from teaching young children to teaching university students, he had to…

Julia Helzer

Although she considers herself a “California beach bum” at heart, something keeps bringing Julia Helzer back to BYU, and her dedication is paying off in the…

David Williams Explores Formal vs. Informal Evaluation

People perform evaluations constantly; whether choosing what to eat, what to watch, or whom to spend time with, individuals evaluate options and make judgments…

McKay School's Teacher Education Department Undergoes Restructuring

Restructuring an organization as large and complex as the Department of Teacher Education will require months of planning, organizing, meeting, reasoning, and…

Alumnus Publishes Dissertation Research on Effectively Implementing Instructional Innovations

When you look at the outside of a building, the inner structure isn’t immediately visible. So if you tried to build a replica of the building based on your…

Mentoring Teachers in Standards-Based Mathematics Education: A Visual Framework

Teaching mathematics can be challenging, especially for new teachers. Having the support of a mentor can ease the pressure when a new teacher attempts to…

Summertime Educational Opportunities Available at BYU

If you think the largest desert in the world is the Sahara, think again. Actually, the largest desert is Antarctica. Surprised? Antarctica is the world's…

MSE Scholar Contributes to Books Exploring Teachers' Emotions

Teachers are more effective when they are engaged emotionally in the work of teaching, says Robert Bullough, a professor in the McKay School of Education.

IP&T 664 Class Designs Web Site for Church Departments

Many Utahans think of pioneers in images of ox teams, covered wagons and handcarts. Yet the IP&T course taught by Andy Gibbons recently completed a project…

MSE Study Shares Insights to Improve Teaching

Teaching improvement doesn’t have to come at the expense of family, hobbies, or health, says Whitney McGowan, a doctoral student in the McKay School’s…

Multiplying Students' Mathematic Understanding

Are students in elementary schools simply being taught to pass math tests, or do they truly understand mathematical concepts? This question was the focus of a…

"Change the World or Your Money Back"

Online entrepreneur SaraJoy Pond wants to send a message to users: "Change the world or your money back"

Research Trip to Uganda

Professors Steven and Julie Hite of the Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations consider mentoring to be one of their main responsibilities.

Curtin Unveils Information About EIME Careers to PhD Students

Joseph Curtin, a McKay School Alumnus and former BYU administrator, spoke to students from the Educational Inquiry, Measurement and Evaluation (EIME) doctoral…

Rodney Earle Gives Power of Teaching Lecture

Good teaching can be one of the most powerful forces in shaping the future, Rodney Earle affirmed in his January 29 lecture in the Power of Teaching series.…

Steven Lewis

With ambitions of one day becoming a professor at "some sweet university," Steven Lewis has already begun teaching though not in his major,…

Seminar: Refugees Deserve Basic Human Rights

Macleans Geo-JaJa spoke to a group of faculty and students on Tuesday, February 10, about the need to provide refugees with basic human rights.

Associate Dean Talks Tolerance at University Devotional

Associate Dean Barbara Culatta of the McKay School of Education drew from the palette of her personal life when she spoke on tolerance at the University…

Latter-day Saints Service Missionary Presents Seminar on Refugee Services

Latter-day Saints Service Missionary Amy Wylie presented a seminar on Tuesday, February 3 about the work she and her husband, Bob, have done with refugees in…

Handling Missing Data in Research Studies

Data are essential to research, but any experienced researcher knows that it’s nearly impossible to collect data without holes, biases, or flaws.

Aimee Gage (’07)

Recipient of Teacher of the Year Award reaches out to students with disabilities

Aimee Gage's education at BYU enabled her to fulfill her dream—to work with children with disabilities

Homecoming 2008 Events at the McKay School

The 2008 BYU Homecoming week featured the first McKay School of Education alumni gathering held Saturday, October 11th in the Garden Court of the Wilkinson…

Honored Alumna Kristen Cox Speaks on Thriving in Uncertainty

Kristen Cox, director of Utah Workforce Services, puts you at ease the minute you meet her.

Education in a Democracy: Fall 2008 Leaders Associates

With the entire nation awash in the politics of the presidential campaign, use of the phrase "The Agenda for Education in Democracy" might very well…

Teaching English Language Learners: An Innovative Program

The TELL Program aims to enable teachers to better reach students who are not native English speakers in classrooms.

Promoting Social and Language Competence Simultaneously

Language and social competence can be facilitated simultaneously in children with language problems, including children with autistic spectrum disorders, say…

Faculty Advancements in the McKay School of Education

The David O. McKay School of Education is pleased to announce the faculty rank advancements for 2008--2009. This years advancements: Clifford T. Mayes,…

Barbara Culatta Returns from Guatemala

Associate Dean Barbara Culatta recently returned from her seventh trip to Guatemala as a representative of BYU and the Rose Foundation.

SSBD Validated for Middle/Junior High School Use

The Systematic Screening for Behavior Disorders (SSBD) is a tool used to identify elementary school-aged children who are at risk for emotional and behavioral…

Leslie Butler (’91)

Butler's versatility and devotion to teaching helped her win the 2005 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math Teaching

It was down to two days before school would begin and a replacement math teacher had yet to be found, so Leslie Butler (’91), an English teacher of 8 years,…

Annette Ezell Grim (’77)

Grim had a prolific career in leadership that was based on her education degree

Dr. Annette Ezell Grim’s love of education is a fundamental part of her legacy. Although she has passed away, her life’s work will continue to positively…

The Truth About Bilingual/Biliterate Education

Barbara Lovejoy, President of the Utah Association for Bilingual Education, acknowledged a few possible reasons why bilingual education has gotten a bad…

Retiree Continues to Teach Thanks to McKay School

Working 17 years for the Provo School District and 15 years with the Nebo School District, Poulsen has done everything from teaching junior high and high…

First College Graduate in Five Generations

David Hullinger is the first in five generations in his ancestral line to graduate from a higher education institution

David Hullinger graduates this April from BYU’s master’s of educational leadership program and is anxious to make a difference in the lives of students.