Arts Express Inspires Teachers to Integrate Global Art Forms in Classroom Lessons

The 2019 Arts Express Conference encourages teachers to integrate global art forms into all school subjects.

With more than fifty breakout sessions and topics ranging from Japanese Bunraku puppetry to Turkish marble painting to inclusion for those on the autism spectrum, the 2019 Arts Express conference encouraged teachers to integrate the arts into classroom lessons.

From the Schoolhouse to the Jailhouse

3MT winner Elisse Newey explains her dissertation

Elisse Newey, winner of the 3MT competition at BYU explains what her winning dissertation is about, the process she went through to write it, and what she…

EdLF Members Visit South African Universities

Pam Hallam and MacLeans Geo-JaJa traveled to South Africa to collaborate with two universities

The group discussed topics ranging from inclusion to multilingualism in their meetings with University of the Western Cape and Stellenbosch University.

EdLF Well-Represented at the Mentored Research and Experiential Learning Conference

Six faculty members and seven students from the EdLF department participated in the annual McKay School Mentored Research Conference

EdLF topics ranged from sacred educational spaces to integration of refugee youths in Utah.

Scholarly Presentations

EdLF students and faculty presentations throughout the past semester

From Hawaii to Africa, EdLF students and faculty are exploring education through a global lens this past semester

Accessibility and US School Websites

Royce Kimmons found out how US schools struggle with website accessibility issues.

Royce Kimmons, McKay School instructional psychology and technology assistant professor, led a research study on how accessible K–12 websites are to people…