Benjamin Cluff Jr. Annual Lecture

Judy Montgomery speaks about our “Resilient, Unruly Language”

Judy Montgomery shares insights into the English language at the Benjamin Cluff Jr. Annual Lecture

Accessibility and US School Websites

Royce Kimmons found out how US schools struggle with website accessibility issues.

Royce Kimmons, McKay School instructional psychology and technology assistant professor, led a research study on how accessible K–12 websites are to people…

Tim Smith Bestowed Fellow Status

Division 45 of the APA awarded Smith with this status

Learn more about Smith's recent accomplishment.

Abundance of Arts Resources Provided to Schools

More than 350 schools in Utah have received binders full of materials, strategies, contacts, and resources that will contribute to the building up of arts-rich…

Neuroscience of Autism

'A way cool way to be': BYU team gains insights into understudied group of children with autism.

Getting an MRI can spark anxiety, especially for children with autism. Learn how BYU researchers made them comfortable with the process.

Helen Foster Snow: A Diplomatic Legacy with China

12 Chinese delegates recently traveled to BYU to remember Helen Foster Snow’s historic involvement with China

The China Society for People’s Friendship Studies sent a delegation to BYU this October to retrace the footsteps of Helen Foster Snow, learn about her spirit,…