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Graduation Requirements

Course List

IP&T 520 - Foundations of Technology
IP&T 560 - Instructional Product Development
IP&T 564 - Instructional Design
IP&T 629 - Introduction to Research
IP&T 652 - Assessing Learning Outcomes
IP&T 661 - Introduction to Evaluation in Education

Instruction Psychology and Technology Program Overview

Instructional Psychology and Technology deals with identifying and implementing improvements in instruction and understanding the principles that influence these improvements. IP&T applies these principles to solve instructional problems, which occur in educational settings, including public schools and universities, government, church, military, business, and industry.

The program requires students to attain skills in the following areas:
  • Research
  • Instructional Design and Development
  • Evaluation and Measurement

Students participate in department seminars, interact with other students in group projects and informal study, collaborate with faculty, and participate in a wide variety of internship experiences. All majors are accepted.

Choose a Track

The Design and Development Track is intended to prepare students for work as an instructional designer, in corporate, government, and higher education settings. Instructional designers typically work in diversely skilled teams of professionals to design and develop learning materials. For example, a common team might consist of: an instructional designer, a content-matter specialist, a project manager, a graphic designer, a multimedia specialist, a developer, and a writer. As a designer, you should develop a skillset that enables you to contribute a specific skill to this team as well as a general ability to understand the other members’ roles so that you can communicate effectively.

How to Apply

Submit Program Application

  • Priority Deadline: January 15
  • Final Deadline: May 15

Submit program application through Graduate Studies

Submit Proper Documents

  • Grade transcripts
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Letter of intent

Application Details

Graduation Requirements

36-39 credits
  • 18 credits of core courses
  • 8 credits of specialized courses
  • 3 credits of internship
  • 1 credit of seminar

Internship: Register for 1-3 credit hours of IP&T 599R during any semester or term.

Thesis/Project Work: Complete a total of 6 hours of Master’s project or thesis credit in order to graduate. These credits may be taken over a period of one or two semesters, as the student prepares the prospectus, conducts the project, and writes the report.

Oral exam: The Final Oral Examination should be scheduled with the Department Secretary. An oral exam may take from 1-4 hours, but typically lasts about 2 hours.

Application Deadline: Jan 15