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Faculty: Pamela Hallam


Pamela Hallam





Contact Information

Office: 306-M MCKB

Phone: 801-422-3600


Pamela R. Hallam is a professor of educational leadership and foundations at Brigham Young University. She formally served as a public school teacher, principal and, district office administrator.

Her teaching interests include principal roles, human resource management, and educational change.

Her areas of academic interest include the role of trust in educational leadership, professional learning communities, and educational change.

McKay School of Education, Nancy Perry Marriott Outstanding Teacher Award

Nancy Perry Marriott


Distinguished Project in Public Education Award, 2006

Utah Association of Teacher Education


Milton Bennion Award

University of Utah


American Association of School Administrators Scholarship Award


Finalist, National Principal of the Year

National Association of School Principals


Utah State Principal of the Year

Utah Association of Secondary School Principals


Region Golden Apple

Regional Parent Teacher & Student Association

1994 - 1995

Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education

Huntsman Foundation


The Impact of Various Demographic and Educational Attributes. on International Students Propensity to Trust School Officials

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Headteacher visibility and teacher perceptions of headteacher trustworthiness: A comparison of the Ugandan context to existing theory

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Trust and educational leadership: Comparing the development and role of trust between U.S. and Ugandan school administrators

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Two Contrasting Models for Mentoring as They Affect Retention of Beginning Teachers"

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  • Abstract: click to view

Comparing the effects of instructional and transformational leadership on student achievement: Implications for practice

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